Published On: September 18, 2013

Vegetarian Festival Comes to Curitiba

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There are an estimated 16 million vegetarians in Brazil, according to an IBOPE survey from October 2012. Millions of Brazilians have chosen vegetarianism as their diet for health, ethical, environmental, and even spiritual reasons. This represents 8 percent of the total population of the country, and it’s growing every day.

With this optimistic forecast, the Brazilian Vegetarian Society every year holds its national meeting. This year the 4th National Vegetarian Congress will take place in Curitiba over a five-day period from September 25 – 29. This year the event will include new features and has been nicknamed “Vegfest”. There will be representatives from over 100 Brazilian cities and 19 states helping to host the event.

With the growing interest in a vegetarian diet, people naturally want to know more about the different aspects of vegetarianism. For a long time, various myths such as the lack of protein represented a challenge for the few people who decided to break the traditional patterns of the Brazilian diet. Fortunately, this fear of the lack of protein is no longer a deterrent to a vegetarian diet, although the habit of eating meat is so prevalent in Brazil that many people still believe vegetarians are unhealthy.

There is currently a multitude of research from all over the world available on the Internet that reveals the various benefits of a diet which keeps meat and other animal ingredients off the table. The emotional appeal of vegetarianism directly reflects the respect for animals and additionally has benefits for quality of life and environmental preservation.

Vegfest comes to the capital of Paraná next week, bringing with it the participation of nutritionists, doctors, environmentalists, celebrities, sympathizers, vegetarians, and vegans from all over Brazil. The event will feature more than 80 lectures, cooking demonstrations and artistic performances, and other attractions and activities, and will include the participation of icons like the actresses Ellen Jabour and Tania Alves, Federal Judge Anderson Furlan, former Senator Ulisses Riedel, the humanist Paul Turner, philosopher Leonora Esquivel, and many others.

Through seminars, cooking demonstrations, training courses for health professionals, a vegan fair, vegetarian entrepreneurship promotion, cultural presentations, and more, the Brazilian Vegetarian Society will present the positive aspects of this diet. The Society’s mission is to bring knowledge and confidence to a food choice that can transform people and allow them to transform the world.

The first three days of Vegfest will take place inside the Campus Agrárias of UFPR, and there is an admission fee. The last two days, it will be at the Mercado Municipal and is free.

Event: Fourth National Vegetarian Congress
Host: Brazilian Vegetarian Society
Dates: September 25 – 29
Location: UFPR & Mercado Municipal in Curitiba

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