Published On: April 11, 2013

Curitiba Restaurant Week

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The world’s largest gastronomic event is about to begin in Curitiba. On the heels of the wildly successful event in São Paulo, it’s now Curitiba’s turn to show its refined taste in dining. Restaurant Week takes place from April 8 – 21.

Curitiba Restaurant Week involves 56 dining establishments. Participating restaurants have selected special menus composed of an Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. The set lunch menu will cost R$31.90 while prix fixe dinners are R$43.90.

Restaurant Week started in New York 19 years ago and today is the world’s largest gastronomic event, taking place in 100 countries. Since the first edition in Curitiba in May 2010, the event has constituted an excellent opportunity for food lovers and a lucrative opportunity for businesses in the restaurant industry.

According to event organizer Philip Khouri, this gastronomic marathon is important both for restaurants and for customers. “For the restaurants, participating in Restaurant Week means a spotlight on a big stage. As for the customer, the opportunity is a great strategy for those looking for new dining opportunities, or indeed for a refined experience, both for lunch and dinner,” he explains.

Philip Khouri, Event Organizer

Besides democratizing high gastronomy, Curitiba Restaurant Week highlights its commitment to Social Responsibility through a customer donation collection program of R$1, which benefits the Ayrton Senna Institute.

Khouri adds that this seventh edition of Curitiba Restaurant Week is expected to attract an estimated 70,000 customers. “Attractive menus and impeccable service means everyone will come out ahead by the end of this event. This is an opportunity to impress current customers and win over new customers,” says the entrepreneur.

 Ten of the 56 participating eateries in Curitiba are Restaurant Week first-timers: Agreste; Armazém Santo Antônio; Babbo Giovanni; Carnaroli Risotos & Mignons; Forneria Babilônia; Giotto Pizzaria; L’ Osteria Concheta; Pizza na Pedra; Poco Tapas; and Tierra del Fuego Batel.

MasterCard is sponsoring this edition of Curitiba Restaurant Week and La Violetera is co-sponsor. Supporters include Gourmet – Escola de Gastronomia, Suco e Só, Adega do Victor, Rede Card, UOL and Abrasel-PR. The event has also partnered with the importer Porto a Porto, who will make the wine pairing suggestions.

Participating Restaurants:

A Sacristia; Agreste; Allegrini Amicci – Alto da XV; Andejo; Armazém Santo Antônio; Avenida Paulista Pasta Pizza i Vino; Babilônia Gastronomia – Batel; Babilônia Gastronomia Cabral; Babbo Giovanni; Bar do Victor; Bistrô do Victor; Brasserie Quatro Estações – Mabu Royal & Premium Hotel; C La Vie; Cais da Ribeira – Pestana Curitiba Hotel; Carnaroli Risotos & Mignons; Catanzaro by Sheraton – Four Points Sheraton Curitiba; Cenacolo Restaurante; Chalet Suisse; Dom Carneiro; Duo Cuisine; Famiglia Fadanelli; Forneria Babilônia; Gepetto; Giotto Pizzaria; La Lupa; La Pasta Gialla Batel; La Pasta Gialla Park Gourmet; Le Bourbon; Le Doyen – Hotel Slaviero; Le Réchaud; Lellis Trattoria; L’Osteria Concheta; Lugana Trattoria; Maccheroni; Manhattan – Hotel Lancaster; Mediterrâneo; Origens – Radisson Hotel; Paneolio; Petiscaria do Victor; Petit Château; Picanha Brava; Pizza na Pedra; Poco Tapas; Saanga Grill; Salero Carnes – Park Gourmet; Sansai Shushi Bar; Scavollo; Set el Sucre; Soto Asian Cuisine; Thai Restaurant Thailandês; Ticiano – Quality Hotel Curitiba; Tierra Del Fuego – Batel; Velho Oriente Kebaberia e Novo Restaurante; Vin Bistrô; Vindouro Vinhos e Bistrô; and Zea Mäis.

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