Published On: December 1, 2009

Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

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By Gabriela Pio

Do you wear glasses? If you’re part of that group that’s doomed to be pale-faced because you think your glasses will hide your makeup, think again. You can enhance your face’s natural beauty and get that sleek look even with your glasses. Makeup artist Janaina Raquel Ferreira of Prime Studio salon has selected a handful of tips to keep your glasses from becoming the mask for your beauty, and instead bring more harmony to your look.

The first step in any session, whether or not you wear glasses, is deciding what to emphasize. In general, people are looking to highlight the eyes behind the frames. “However, you can call attention to your mouth by enhancing the lips with lipstick or gloss, for example,” explains Janaina. Take care of your skin too – it should be pretty and uniform. Use cover stick to hide imperfections and face powder to turn down excessive shine. Of course, the eyebrows should be well-defined, as they give the face a sense of lift.

Lenses in front of the eye gives the illusion that they’re smaller than they really are. The solution is not to use eyeliner on the lower eyelids. “To increase the size of the eyes, apply a pencil eyeliner on the outside of the eyelid, right up close to the eyelashes. Using a white pencil on the lower lid also helps open up the eyes,” she adds.

Mascara should have free rein for people with glasses. Choose a brush designed for lengthening, curving or volume-enhancing for the lashes. “A quick-drying mascara that doesn’t scuff your lenses is best,” advises the makeup artist. Using an eyelash curler gives the lashes better definition.

Liquid eyeliner is another option to naturally highlight your complexion. “It gets even better results than a pencil. Be sure not to apply it too thickly, so as not to weigh down your look,” says Janaina.

For a more discreet look, wearing pastel colors for eye shadows and softer tones for lips, is sure to appeal. “Liquid liner can complement as a fine line, thus creating a more natural look,” explains the makeup artist.

On special occasions when glasses must come along, there’s no reason to despair. The softness of day-wear makeup easily gives way to more elaborate makeup at night. Just remember the simple rule: avoid using eyeliner along the lashes, near the roots, which tends to decrease the size of the eyes, since you can get a broader stroke with a liquid liner. Try shimmering tones (pearl or silver), darker tones (black and gray) or more earthy ones (brown and copper). To finish off the look, use a brush or cotton swab and blend eyeshadow in the outer corners of the eyes.

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