Published On: October 14, 2011

Summer Is Here in Curitiba

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By Andréa Rebonato

Believe it or not, summer has finally arrived in Curitiba. Although we’re all used to feeling the cold right through November, summer is here. In Curitiba, summer can appear at any time, any day, so Curitibanos need to be prepared for it. Along with the summer sun, fashion trends for the hottest season are flooding the stores with colors, textures and a mix of romantic flowers. This year’s summer fashions feature a hippie freshness, with loose and thin fabrics, as well as a touch of the retro pinup style — fruits and colors popping out from clothes and accessories.

With the first heat of summer comes your first fashion decision:  What will be THE shoe to wear? The hottest item in the shoe world today is called the espadrille. You may have never heard this name, but surely you know the type of shoe. They became the most desired style earlier this year after the new, enchanting princess of England, Kate Middleton, showed up wearing several versions of these comfortable, simple and beautiful shoes. They come as flats, high platform shoes or sandals. The espadrilles are shoes whose sole is made of jute rope. Yes, it’s the same pure and simple jute rope-soled sandals worn in the Pyrenees. However, they have been modernized and freshened up with uppers made of velvet fabrics, laces, jeans and other types of cloth. All of them of course boast strong colors, which have become very popular. Here in Curitiba, there are already stores with waiting lists for these stylish and “royal” shoes.

Once you’ve chosen some vibrant colors for your espadrilles, don’t be afraid to pursue this same approach in the rest of your summer wardrobe. Choose bold colors and don’t be afraid to mix them up. This summer you’ll see the frequent mixing of colors and patterns like stripes and flowers. The mixing of colors will be this season’s “color block”, so don’t be afraid to leave the house wearing your two favorite colors at the same time.

Together with the color block and the royalty-inspired espadrilles, summer brings another trend: a hippie nostalgia for fresh and thin fabrics in long dresses and skirts in the pinup style. You will also see high-waisted shorts, leggings and skirts, always with lots of color or fruit patterns in a flowery romantic style. Another summer trend will be the shirt-dress. It looks exactly like its name, a plain shirt worn longer as a dress. Use a belt tied up in a knot at the waist, and you’re ready to go. With all these different styles and colors, there will certainly be something to please everyone.

In conclusion, all you will need to “rock” this summer is a pair of espadrilles with flat or platform heels; a shirt-dress; and loads of color cloth to create your own style of mixing and matching. And don’t forget to use natural summer-like make-up, including the already popular orange and red lipstick colors. With that, all that’s left is waiting for the summer sun to show up in our beautiful Curitiba.

{Photos: Vogue and Elle Magazine American summer edition; Kate Middleton and red espadrilles by Arezzo on Andréa Rebonato}

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