Published On: September 5, 2009

Paraná Business Collection in Curitiba

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By Kauan Novack

Paraná Business Collection is the biggest fashion event in southern Brazil, and as 2011 arrived, Curitiba became a concentration of fashion names, gathering around the same objective of making fashion, year after year, a part of the personality of Paraná. The week of the event was full of excitement with around 5000 people attending, a remarkable achievement in comparison to previous years.

This year the theme of the fashion week was happiness. As you made your way through the entrance hall, you could see immense letters of all different colours surrounding a beautiful line of displayed outfits from fashion students in Curitiba.

The various fashion shows of the week were quite astounding. For example, Silmar Alves’s collection brought intense commotion as the designer used as a theme the history of Lapa (the historic centre in the suburbs of Curitiba), and his use of old aristocratic glamour brought an intense nostalgic feeling to the crowd.

Another designer, Fabio Bartz, delighted the spectators also, showing a collection using the old coffee route as inspiration, bringing an interesting smell of coffee into the show. Picnic de Elefante and LadyLouca exemplified the clean and minimalistic style, with fresh substance and beautiful shaping, which brought a smile to everyone’s face and a rousing ovation after the show.

A spectacular show took place during the last day of the event, which was  New Designers. Younger designers had a chance to show their work to the press and public, and the results could not have been better. Alexandre Linhares’s Heroina, with the anguishing soundtrack of a screaming woman, mesmerized everybody. The collection, full of the brand’s very specific identity, showed clean and earthy colours. Drigo, with his pop and anternative fashion, introduced his collection using Lady Gaga’s music, showing animal prints for menswear.

The final event of the week and probably the most exciting was the Joa Turim prize, given for the best new designer. The attendance for the prize was standing room only. Each of the thirteen finalists offered two looks, using the theme ‘Minha cidade vira moda’ (My city becomes fashion). Emotion overtook Hildo Fabri as he was chosen winner of the competition, with his two looks inspired by Largo da Ordem.

All in all, it was a great week for the famous designers, the public, and all the new designers. Certainly the event helped to promote the fashion industry and designers in Paraná. All of those in attendance are hoping the new designers and promising fashion students can one day have a high-end fashion line introduced in Curitiba and to the rest of the world.

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