Published On: October 10, 2012

International Forum in Curitiba

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Danny Nelms – CEO of The Working Institute and author of The Why Factor and a leading specialist in Workforce Intelligence Research, HR management, and executive training for major multinational companies in HR, health care, manufacturing, logistics and IT industries will lead an International Forum next month in three separate locations in Paraná.

International Forum – Turnover Reduction and the American Strategy

The forum will focus on factors in the organizational environment that may be contributing to employee turnover from various sectors including those on the company front line. The forum will address this and other similar questions including HR perception about staff turnover. The presentation will cite research from various US states of successful cases which identify techniques that when applied jointly by employees, managers, and HR in the organizational environment have proven successful. Negative factors affecting the work environment are also highlighted as well as suggestions for effective techniques for visible turnover reduction.

Forum Schedule:

November 6 in Londrina at 4 pm

APRAS (Paraná Association of Supermarkets) Auditorium

Rua Rio Grande do Norte, 750 – Centro


November 7 in Maringá at 7 pm

ACIM (Association of Industrial and Commercial Maringá) Auditorium

Rua Ver Basil Sautchuk, 388 – Zona 01


November 8 in Curitiba at 4 pm

APRAS (Paraná Association of Supermarkets) Auditorium

Av. Senator Souza Naves, 535 – Alto XV

Forum Sponsoring Partners

* AAS (Aliança Américas Sul)
* TWI (The Work Institute)
* Apras (Associação Paranaense de Supermercados)
* SIS4Biz
* Terra Roxa (Agência de Desenvolvimento do Norte do Pr)
* ACIM (Associação Comercial e Industrial de Maringá)
* Curitiba in English
* Academia Apras
* Centro Universitário Claretino

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