Published On: January 23, 2015

New Port Access Road

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Truck on freeway

Trucks serving various container terminals on the left bank of the Brazilian port of Santos are expected to see faster deliveries thanks to a new 3 million reais ($1.15 million) access road.

The new road access better connects the Rodoviario Piacaguera Guarujá (SP 248) with Santos Dumont, which is the access road for all the main port terminals on the Guarujá side of the port of Santos, the biggest container gateway in South America.

Tecon Santos — the largest container terminal in South America with about 1.35 million TEUs (standard of measurement in cargo capacity) in traffic last year — and TEV, the port’s main car terminal, both stand to gain from the 600-meter-long and 50-meter-wide road.

Tecon Santos

Tecon Santos


Fassina, a growing container logistics and warehousing company, and Dow Chemicals will receive about 70,000 reais monthly from the local port authority for allowing the road to cut through their property.

The new link road will “greatly improve access to the key terminals in Guarujá” and give the flow of trucks in and out of the terminals there “much more flexibility,” Cezar Fassina, the commercial director for Fassina, said. “Throughout the year there are a lot of trucks heading for Tecon Santos and the TEV car terminal and, of course, we also have the seasonal flow of trucks to TGG, a major grain terminal, which can be chaotic for all concerned.”

The new link will also reduce the traffic flow through residential streets of Guarujá by about 40 percent, as the road separates commercial traffic from passenger and bicycle traffic. About 1,200 trucks use the road daily.

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Design and construction of the new load link were funded by a public-private initiative between the local authorities and the port terminals themselves. Work began on the road link in April.

Other road improvement projects are progressing at locations on both the right and left banks of Santos as local businesses and the authorities try to reduce the growing traffic congestion in and around the port areas.

The Mayor of Guarujá, Maria Antonieta deBrito, is working with Angelino Caputo, the president of the port, and Edinho Araujo, the head of the ports ministry, to see if more funding can be secured for further port-related improvement, including a truck parking area near the new access road.





[This article was written by Rob Ward for the website.]

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