Published On: September 5, 2009

Internationalization of Curitiba

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At the invitation of FCU (Florida Christian University) in Orlando, the partner institution of the Brazilian American Central Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Financial Director of FESP, Professor Carlos Eduardo Athayde Guimaraes, recently made his first trip to the city of Orlando. Carlos Eduardo was invited to Florida in his capacity as the recently appointed Chamber Ambassador of the Internationalization of Curitiba. There he was received by local, state and municipal authorities as well as by educational representatives from educational and business institutions in a quick series of meetings. At the CBACC, he gave a talk entitled, “Consolidation of the Curitiba Internationalization Project in Orlando” discussing the important work conducted by FIEP, CONCEX, ACP and other entities in the state of Paraná.

Carlos Eduardo was also received by Cesar Calvet, President of CNLBank’s Latin Banking division, Banco Latino, and Chabran Lupita Mendez, Senior Vice President of the Bank, with whom he discussed investments that could contribute to the viability of projects focused on the internationalization of Curitiba. After sowing interest in the institutions of Paraná and disseminating avenues of exchange with U.S. institutions with Prof. Anthony Portigliatti, Ph.D, FCU President and ambassador to the Curitiba City Council in Orlando, Carlos returned to Brazil.

Looking ahead, Carlos will have 90 days with which to address the planning, organization, and business composition that will guide his future efforts along with the other members who  form the Council of Internationalization of Curitiba.

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