Published On: September 1, 2010

Governor to Create Alliance between Paraná and Orlando, Florida

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The Governor of Parana, Orlando Pessuti, met with the President of Florida Christian University and Overall Coordinator and Ambassador (CEO) of Curitiba International Board (CIB) in the United States, Professor Anthony Portigliatti, on the morning of August 27, in the Embassy Suite of the Swan and Dolphin Resort. The reason for the meeting was the continuation of the issues related to Internationalization of Actions in favor of Curitiba by CIB, by both the ambassadors in Curitiba and Orlando.

Governor Pessuti will create the Secretariat for Internationalization Actions of the State of Parana to motivate and encourage strategic alliances between Orlando and Curitiba, Parana and Florida, and that will certainly culminate in actions across the U.S. and other countries where the CEOs Prof. Anthony Portigliatti (Orlando) and Mr. Carlos Eduardo Guimaraes (Curitiba), have influence.  Something will begin to happen in England in September with the departure of Prof. Portigliatti for the United Kingdom.

It is the understanding of the Government of the State of Parana, an idea that has the support of Prof. Anthony Portigliatti, that Orlando is the gateway not only to Florida, but also to the entire country.  As it is the natural destination for all Americans who, by chance, visit Disney World, it is viewed as a typical American city, with a different profile to that of Miami, which has a large Latin American focus and concentration.  An example of this is the case of EMBRAER, which left Miami and is strategically building its base near Greater Orlando, because this area is a major hub for technology and aerospace, and also in order to have a global geographical position.

On the occasion, Prof. Anthony Portigliatti showcased some of Florida Christian University (FCU)’s projects, such as the Internationalization of Business and Careers, already widely divulged in Curitiba, in partnership with FESP.  He also drew attention to the agreement made with the Florida Christian University that offers scholarships for Parana’s needy children in the Coaching area and which he intends to develop with both the top echelon of Parana’s government and SESI-PR.

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