Published On: November 1, 2009

FESP and FCU/USA International Education Program

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Curitiba has 11 sister cities. Orlando, Florida, in the USA, became Curitiba’s sister city through Law No. 9793 of December 23, 1999. In April 2008, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer visited Curitiba in order to make the relationship between the two cities more dynamic by identifying potential cooperation areas.

With the Sister Cities Philosophy in mind, and in the presence of Vice Governor Orlando Pessuti, FESP (Fundação de Estudos Sociais do Paraná) recently launched the Career Globalization Program as a result of a partnership with FCU (Florida Christian University), in Orlando, Florida. Coordinated by Professor Carlos Eduardo de Athayde Guimarães, FESP Financial Director, the program aims encourage the participation of students and professionals in seminars on various topics, in Brazil and in the United States, such as personal development, marketing, management, “foreign trade”, SOAR, finance, conflict resolution, etc…

FCU is located in Orlando, Florida, USA and it is one of Curitiba’s sister cities though UN’s “Sister Cities” program. Professor Carlos Guimarães, Project Coordinator, went to Orlando in order to formalize the partnership with Dr. Anthony Portigliatti, FCU President, Chancellor and Dean.

From left to right: Nildo Lübke, Chief of Staff to the Vice Governor; Brandão Coelho, President of the Brazil-Portugal-Paraná Chamber of Commerce; Orlando Pessuti, Vice Governor of Paraná; Antonio Carlos Morozowski, FESP President; Eduardo Aichinger, representing Curitiba’s Mayor Beto Richa; Carlos Eduardo de Athayde Guimarães, FESP Financial Director and Program Coordinator for FESP’s Career Internationalization program; Luiz Fernando Ferreira da Costa, FESP Managing Director; Marco Antônio Paludo, FESP Academic Director; Edison Luiz Dias, Business Management Department Coordinator at FESP; Ernani Buchmann, FESP Publicist.

The seminars will provide opportunities for visiting, among others locations, Walt Disney World, where Disney ambassadors will take the participants on trips to get to know Disney’s business world.

According to the Program Coordinator, three meetings are scheduled for 2010; one will take place in Curitiba, in March, and two in Orlando, in June and December. An additional seminar in November, 2009, will explain more thoroughly how to participate in the program.

FESP President Antonio Carlos Morozowski says FESP is looking to establish partnerships in order to enhance their students’ CVs. “Besides FCU, we have been in touch with the University of Coimbra in Portugal, and have recently become part of the Universia/Santander network, which features more than 2000 universities worldwide. It is a new phase for FESP, whose tradition is over 70 years old.”

Vice Governor Orlando Pessuti believes that, “competitiveness and innovation are key. Programs such as the one being launched by FESP/FCU provide opportunities for students and professionals from Paraná to align themselves with current trends and to develop integrated solutions that make the world a more just and sustainable place.”

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