Published On: September 1, 2009

Curitiba Partners With South Korea

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Suwon, South Korea, is Curitiba’s twelfth sister city. The proposal, made by Mayor Beto Richa, was approved by the City Council on Monday. The document foresees the cooperation of both cities on urban, environmental, educational and technological matters, by exchanging information and ideas to promote the welfare of their citizens. It also aims to form a partnership on economy, culture, tourism, transportation and sports, respecting the social and cultural characteristics and the traditions of each city.

According to the release from the Executive Office, Curitiba has had an outstanding relationship with the city of Suwon. In July 2006, Mayor Kim Yong-Seo, along with councilors and authorities, visited the City Council. The Korean delegation was welcomed by the President of the City Council, João Cláudio Derosso (PSDB), and by the Mayor’s Líder Mario Celso Cunha (PSB).

The budget allocation for the city of Suwon is similar to Curitiba’s. In 2006, Suwon’s budget was US$1.3 billion, while the capital of the State of Paraná had a budget of US$1 billion. The legislative terms in Suwon also last four years and, for the President of the City Council, two years.

Curitiba’s other sister cities are Montevideo (Uruguay); Asunción (Paraguay); Santa Cruz de La Sierra (Bolivia); Himeji (Japan), Hanghzou (China); Orlando (United States); Guadalajara (Mexico); Coimbra (Portugal); Treviso (Italy); Krakow (Poland), and Lyon (France).

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