Published On: June 1, 2009

Beto Richa Travels to US

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“Mayor Beto Richa’s trip to the United States had a very positive outcome for the city of Curitiba, resulting in important financing to bring new construction to the city,” states the City Council’s President, João Claudio Derosso.

According to Derosso, the mayor met with Raul Tuazon, secretary of the vice-president of the IDB, and with infrastructure specialists from the institution’s Transport Division. “A R$114 million contract was confirmed for housing, roads and a Clube da Gente, important actions to Curitiba’s social programs,” confirmed Derosso in the City Council.

Beto Richa also met with World Bank directors and other businessmen in Washington, and signed a sisterhood agreement between the city of Curitiba and the American city of Jacksonville. “This document will reinforce a cultural exchange between the two cities, as well as open a broad channel for exchange of experience in many administrative areas. The mayor invited businessmen to invest in the state’s capital. “Curitiba presents consistent opportunities to new partners and has its arms open to welcome all of those who search for quality of life and successful business,” said Richa.

In Washington, World Bank directors asked for an authorization from the mayor of Curitiba to recommend its public transportation projects as a role model for developing cities in Asia. Beto stated that, “once again, the solutions found by the city of Curitiba have received international recognition for their quality and sustainability.”

Derosso highlighted the conferences given abroad by the mayor as well. “Richa and Clever Almeida, president of Ippuc, spoke to a group of economists and engineers from the World Bank about planning and sustainability. In Miami, the mayor spoke to 50 American and Brazilian businessmen about investment opportunities in Curitiba.”

Beto Richa was welcomed by the mayor of Orlando with whom he signed a sisterhood agreement, and also by the mayor of Miami, Manuel Diaz. Brazilian Ambassador Luiz de Araújo Castro took part in this meeting. The mayor of Curitiba talked about Energy Week and at the International Transport Forum. Mexico City representatives were delighted by Curitiba’s public transportation model and promised to use it as a model to solve their own city’s problems, whose metropolitan region has over 20 million people and whose traffic is chaotic.  The Mexicans intend to visit Curitiba in the coming months.

[Photo: Jacksonville, Florida]

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