Published On: April 21, 2012

Annual Oncology Symposium

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 Mayor Luciano Ducci presided at the opening of Onco Curitiba 2012,  the annual oncology symposium on Friday, April 20. This year the symposium is addressing issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal and lung cancers.

“This is an event of great importance because it brings to light the latest findings and state-of-the-art technology related to the various ways in which the disease manifests,” the mayor said.

The event’s commencement, which continues through April 21 in the auditorium of the Museum Oscar Niemeyer, also included an appearance by Municipal Secretary of Health, Eliane Chomatas.

Mayor Ducci and Quanta director of image diagnostics, John Vitola

The mayor highlighted the efforts of primary care services in Curitiba, aimed at promoting overall health and early diagnosis of tumors such as breast, lung and mouth, and the continuity in the chain of care. He cited as examples: The Curitiba Women’s Program; organized breast tumor screening for women over 50; and the National Cancer Institute’s (Inca) tobacco control and early detection of oral cancer.

“In addition, the chain of care is complete when our user’s Unified Health System (SUS) requires highly complex procedures such as surgery,” said the mayor, who was welcomed by the president of the symposium, Juliano Cerci, and Quanta director of image diagnostics, John Vitola, who promoted the event.

Lung and colorectal tumors are respectively the first and third most frequent types of cancer in the world. In Curitiba tumors of the colon and rectum occur in 26.57 out of 100,000 men, while trachea, bronchial and lung tumors occur in 23.32 out of 100,000. The data refer to the period between 2000 and 2005 and are part of a larger study Cancer in Brazil, published by the Ministry of Health and Inca, and based on data from population registries in seventeen cities in Brazil.


Photo credit: Cesar Brustolin/SMCS

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