Published On: July 1, 2010

A Sisterhood Agreement Between Curitiba and Durban

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The mayors of Curitiba, Luciano Ducci, and Durban (South Africa), Obed Mlaba, signed a sisterhood agreement on Wednesday, July 7. The signing took place at City Hall in Durban, which is one of the seats of the World Cup in South Africa.

“With this agreement, we will establish partnerships in the areas of environment and biodiversity, among others,” said Ducci. “Durban was a major World Cup 2010 host city, holding one of the semifinal games. Durban’s experience in the World Cup will be shared with Curitiba during our preparation for the World Cup in 2014,” he said.

The mayor of Durban said that Curitiba has received international awards in the areas of environment and sustainability. “The city of Curitiba is a model in this area and can pass on this successful experience,” said Obed Mlaba. After the signing, the mayors unveiled a totem of sister cities in Durban, on which was already inscribed the name Curitiba. Balloons were released in the square opposite Durban City Hall — a tribute to Curitiba.

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