Published On: April 2, 2012

Lesson Three — Question Words

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Where…? What…? Who…?How…? Why…..? These are, what we call in English, Question Words. They are used to ask about specific times, qualities, places, people, etc.

Choose the right answer to the questions in the exercise:

1. How is Betty? A. My brother.

2. What color is your car? B. She is fine.

3. Who’s that tall boy? C. Red.

4. Where’s your teacher from? D. It’s $20,00

5. How much is this book? E. She’s from Honolulu.

6. What kind of person is he? F. It’s very cold.

7. What’s the weather like in July? G. He’s very nice.

Answers 1(b) 2(c) 3(a) 4(e) 5(d) 6(g) 7(f)

Make questions for these sentences using question words:

1. Carmen is 20 years old.

How old is Carmen? (example)

2. The children are in bed.


3. Tom’s favorite sport is soccer.


4. My parents are at the theater.


5. Suzy is with me.


6. Jenny is interested in music.


7. It’s sunny and humid.


8. I am afraid of dogs.


9. I am looking at you.


Answers: 2(Where are the children?) 3(What is Tom’s favorite sport?) 4(Where are your parents? 5(Who is with you?) 6(What is Jenny interested in?) 7(What’s the weather like?) 8(What are you afraid of?) 9(Who are you looking at?)



These exercises were written by Luiza Moura, who has a Master’s Degree in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) from UFPR. She is a private English instructor in Curitiba and can be contacted at


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