Published On: March 16, 2012

Lesson Ten — Adverbs of Frequency

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An adverb is a word or a phrase that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. An adverb can indicate manner, time, place or degree.

One of the most common groups of adverbs are known as adverbs of frequency, as they express how often something is true. The most common frequency adverbs are:

Always – something that is 100% true. Usually – 80%. Often – 70%. Sometimes — 50%. Seldom – 20%. Never — 0%.

Adverbs of frequency usually answer the question: How Often?

Adverbs of frequency always come before the verb:

I always work out in the morning.

Most people usually go to the beach when they are on vacation.

If the verb To Be is the main verb, adverbs come after the verb:

He is never late for his job.

She is always busy at this time of the year.


Adverbial Expressions of Frequency

Five times a week – two times a year – every day – every week – every month – every summer. These expressions usually come at the end of a sentence.


Rewrite the sentences and insert the adverbs/frequency expressions correctly:

(Answers will be provided at the end of the exercises)

1. Susan visits her grandmother . (always)

2. They are in Europe during the months of December and January. (usually)

3. It snows in Chicago and New York in December. (often)

4. Paul plays tennis during the week. (never)

5. It is late to learn a second language. (never)

6. Peter eats a lot for breakfast. (seldom)

7. My friends and I meet at bars downtown. (twice a month)

8. I read the newspapers. (every day)

9. A lot of people spend too much money on phone calls. (every month)

10. Mary drinks coffee. (seldom)

11. She is sad. (never)

Answers: 1(Susan always visits her grandmother) 2(They are usually in Europe during the months of December and January) 3(It often snows in Chicago and New York in December) 4(Paul never plays tennis during the week) 5(It is never late to learn a second language) 6(Peter seldom eats a lot for breakfast) 7(My friends and I meet at bars downtown twice a month) 8(I read the newspapers every day). 9(A lot of people spend too much money on phone calls every month) 10(Mary seldom drinks coffee. 11(She is never sad).



These exercises were written by Luiza Moura, who has a Master’s Degree in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) from UFPR. She is a private English instructor in Curitiba and can be contacted at




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  1. Peter Falvey says:

    Teaching English is very helpful and if it`s free even better but if you are going to have lessons published at least make sure they are right.In English we would never say I am never late for my job. Your job is your profession, what you work as for instance a teacher, a carpenter. You would say I am never late for work. you don`t have to say my work as my is implied. Also it`s not two times a year it`s twice.

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