Published On: March 27, 2012

Lesson Seven — Personal Pronouns & Possessive Adjectives Part 2

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When learning a Second Language, practice is one of the most important factors in improving your fluency. This will be the last set of exercises on Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives. This time we will practice them separately.

[Answers to the exercises are provided at the end.]

Choose the correct Personal Pronoun:

  1. My name is Cindy. ___ am English, and this is my family.

  2. My mom’s name is Susan. (Susan)is from Germany.
  3. Rob is my dad. (My dad)is a waiter.
  4. Simon is my brother. (Simon)is 23 years old. Sue is my sister.
  5. (Sue and Simon)are twins.
  6. Our dog is Simba. (Simba)is two years old.
  7. (Sue, Simon, Susan and Bob)live in Miami.
  8. (Miami) is not far from Orlando.
  9. My grandparents live in New York. (My grandparents)often come and see us.
  10. What can ____ tell me about your family?

Answers: 1(I) 2(She) 3(He) 4(He) 5(they) 6(It) also acceptable he/she 7(They) 8(It) 9(They) 10(you)

Replace the Personal Pronouns with Possessive Adjectives:

  1. Where are (you)parents now?
  2. Here is a gift from (I)friend Peggy.
  3. She lives in Brazil now with (she)family.
  4. (She)sister works in Rio de Janeiro.
  5. (He)company builds ships.
  6. (They)children go to school in Buzios.
  7. (I)husband and I want to go to Rio, too.
  8. We want to see Peggy and (she)family next winter.
  9. (We)  winter.
  10. It is (they)summer.

Answers: 1(your) 2(my) 3(her) 4(her) 5(his) 6(their) 7(my) 8(her) 9(our)10(their).



These exercises were written by Luiza Moura, who has a Master’s Degree in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) from UFPR. She is a private English instructor in Curitiba and can be contacted at

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