Published On: September 5, 2009

Provopar Sponsors Fashion Show With Designs by Female Prisoners

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A fashion show took place on April 7, organized by Provopar Ação Social and the Gianni Cocchieri brand, and supported by the Brazilian Federal Department of Revenue and the State Government. It was such a success that the crowds filled the outdoor patio area of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Around 500 guests were presented with 45 exclusive models made by the female prisoners of the State Women’s Prison participating in a social inclusion program called Costurando a Liberdade, freely translated: “Designing Freedom”.

The event was broadcast by the TV channel Educativa do Paraná, and enthusiastically watched by the 12 prisoners who, since last July, have been taking the high-fashion classes promoted by Provopar with the help of entrepreneurs Vânia and Gianni Cocchieri.

“This is another partnership that has very positive results. The entrepreneurs Vânia and Gianni made incredible efforts and for almost a year they have dedicated their weekends to the State Prison so that the prisoners could learn a difficult skill that has a definite job market value out here,” said Lucia Arruda, president of Provopar.

As for the professional future of the prisoners who participated in the classes, entrepreneur Gianni Cocchieri says most of them already have a guaranteed spot in the job market. A Portuguese businessman in the sector, Cocchieri was very enthusiastic about the designs that were created and proposed to spend 15 days in Curitiba for a specialization course. “I am definitely interested in this type of skill, which is scarce in Europe”, he added. Cocchieri also guaranteed that he has no intentions of leaving the prisoner program. “We will keep on offering the classes so they can improve. Moreover, all of them will receive a sewing machine from Provopar, so that they can work after they have served their sentences.”

The dresses made for the event were not sold. Provopar and the Cocchieri brand have decided to use the clothes as an example of the craftsmanship produced in the prison. The fashion show was produced by Áldice Lopes, and featured top models of all ages.

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