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Portuguese Classes for Foreign Speakers

It used to be difficult to understand what “saudade” meant.

Now as a foreigner away from home, you know exactly what it is.

Curitiba Bilingual, together with FESP, the Faculty of Higher Education of Paraná, and the website Curitiba in English opens their facilities to Portuguese classes.

The Curitiba Bilingual course has been created to allow foreigners to be able to communicate and find their way in Portuguese.


Course Book

–  Muito Prazer – By Roberta Rocha Fernandes Gláucia, Telma de Lurdes São Bento Ferreira e Vera Lúcia Ramos. Disal Editora.


September 15 to December 15

Tuesdays and Thursdays-from-6:30 to 8:10 p.m.

Classes will be held at FESP – Rua Dr. Faivre 141 – Centro

Private Classes

MODULE 12 hr / month = 2 classes of  1.5/ week


Application requirements: 

_18 years of age

_Student Visa or RNE (Permanent Resident ID)

_ Copy of the CPF (Personal Identity)

_Passport Copy – (Only Photo and VISA pages)

-Fill out enrollment form.


 Course cancellations

Courses occasionally must be cancelled or rescheduled for a semester or session, due to low enrollment or other unexpected reasons. Note that if a course is cancelled or if you must drop a course, your tuition is refunded in full,but the student will be responsible for textbooks, course packs, travel costs, and other incurred expenses.Cancellation requires a written request to “Curitiba Bilingual”, through e-mail to ,with copy of payment tickets.To request cancellation student cannot be in debt.

A full refund will only be available up to one day before the first class.

Partial refund will be considered in accordance with written communication and services already rendered.

Legal Stipulations: Foreigners with a student visa must present themselves to PF (Federal Police) up to 30 days after arrival date to apply for RNE (Permanent Resident ID). Students must communicate with PF (Federal Police) and CB (Curitiba Bilingual), any change of address while in Curitiba, and the anticipated date of return to their countries of origin. Student cannot use student visa to transfer schools or cities. Some changes might require a new visa from the Brazilian Consulate from the country of origin. A tourist visa cannot be changed to student’s visa. In this case, students must request Compliance Letter from the Institution following the rules of the Brazilian Consulate in his / her country of origin.

Basic Group


          1 MODULE 30 hrs = 15 hrs month – 2 classes of 1.40 / week
Enrollment R$ 50,00
Tuition R$ 360,00
Student Book R$   67,00
Work Book R$   27,00
Tuition must be paid up to 5 days before classes start .
Books – for sale upon the enrollment. Student must show payment ticket at presentation for 1st class.

Private student’s table

MODULE 12 hr / month = 2 classes of  1.5/ week

1 Student – R$  70,00 x 12 = R$ 840,00 + (gas)

Gas is calculated based on the distance.

Ex: 3 kms x R$ 1.25 = R$ 3.75

SUGGESTION: Minimum of 2 hours a week.


-In case of other students start in the group, there will be an extra charge of R$ 20,00 per student.

-Enrollment, student book and work book as exposed in 1 MODULE 30 HRS.

Payment Arrangements:

Payment by bank transfer or deposit to Curitiba in English:- CNPJ 09.506.542/0001-05 , at BANCO ITAÚ

Agency: 0615 – Account #: 05242-0

For further  information please contact:

Nelson Santos

Phone (41) 3077 0475 – Cell phone   (41) 9991 4472

E-mail : 

Or       :







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