Published On: June 1, 2009

Palladium Shopping Centre Inagurates UCI Cinema

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On May 1, the UCI Cinemas chain opened eight screens in the Palladium Shopping Centre in the neighborhood of Portão. The cinema complex has a total capacity of 2,246. The largest theatre has 365 seats, while the smallest accommodates 159 cinema-goers. All the screens boast stadium-format seating, with giant projection surfaces, the latest generation projectors and Dolby Digital EX Surround 5.1 panoramic 360º sound. The investment by UCI of R$8 million relies upon an expected audience of 500,ooo people in the first year alone.

As well as all the high technology, the comfort of the public was also one of the project’s priorities. The seating is laid out so that the viewer’s angle of vision is directed at the centre of the screen. A new feature for couples can be found in the last two rows. “Love Seats” have been fitted — double seats with retractable arms. Small children are also provided with booster seats in all the theaters, so that they can get a good view of the screen.

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