Published On: September 26, 2013

Biennial International Film Festival of Curitiba

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On September 24, the FICBIC (International Film Festival of Curitiba Biennial) commenced, taking place in five of the city’s theaters until the 29th of September. The program features an international exhibition of feature films, national short films, films from Paraná, as well as a university competition and children’s titles.

The Festival is curated by filmmaker and professor Eduardo Baggio. Luiz Zanin, Urban Rafael, and Rodrigo Fonseca were curatorial consultants for the national short films. Along with other events associated with Biennial, the curator has avoided a specific theme. The essential criterion for films to appear in the FICBIC is their quality, which is recognized by their capacity to provoke debate.

The principal films, international feature films, and the national shorts are being presented in the Itaú Film Space (Crystal Mall). Children’s films will be held at SESI Portão and FIEP Cultural Center. Meanwhile five films from Paraná will be aired at the Cinematheque, giving an overview of film production in the state and were selected by the Association of Cinema and Video of Paraná (AVEC). Admission is free for all screenings.

The children’s films will also be shown in schools throughout the city. The goal is to promote national cinema through unconventional venues, facilitating access and increasing cultural exposure.

The Canadian film War of the Witch is one of the festival’s main attractions. Nominated this year for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, the film was written and directed by Kim Nguyen. The star Rachel Mwanza won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival in the United States for her performance. It was also elected best picture at Tribeca.

Brazilian Filmmaker Aly Muritiba

One of the Brazilian national highlights is the film Pátio by Aly Muritiba. Shown at Critics Week at the Cannes Festival this year, the film is the second part of a Prison Trilogy, a documentary about the daily life of an inmate in the sunny courtyard of a prison in which he is trapped. A Bahia filmmaker living in Curitiba, Aly’s name had been thrust into the limelight by his previous film, A Fábrica (“The Factory”) having been among the 11 pre-selected films for the Oscar for best short film.

The Cine Guarani, located at the Portão Cultural Center presents the university competition, coordinated by Helena Santana, and includes the participation of students from all over Brazil. The 35 films selected are divided into four categories: fiction, documentary, music video, and experimental video. The winners will each receive a trip to the 64th International Film Festival in Berlin next year. Three judges in each category will select the winners for best films.

The university’s FICBIC programming will also include lectures and roundtables with professionals from the film industry such as members of the project Tesão, piá; and the president of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation, Cordiolli Marcos, former advisor to the board of ANCINE, the National Film Agency.

After Curitiba, the FICBIC is scheduled to travel to the cities of Belém (PA), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Cascavel (PR), Florianópolis (SC), Fortaleza (CE), Londrina (PR) and São Paulo (SP).

Canadian Oscar nominee War of the Witch (Rebelle)

FICBIC – Biennale International Film Festival of Curitiba

Date: September 24-29
Principal Entries (feature length and national short films)
Venue: Itaú Cinema (Shopping Crystal)
Time: 7:30 pm
Tel: (41) 3883-3000
Admission: Free

Children and Young Adult Films

Location: SESI Gate (Rua Padre Leonardo Nunes, 180 | Portão)
Time: 3:30 pm and 4pm
Tel: (41) 3271-8450
Admission: Free
Second Location: Centro Cultural FIEP (Av. Cândido de Abreu, 200 | Centro Civico)
Time: 10 am, 10:30 am, 3pm and 3:30 pm
Tel: (41) 3271-9000
Admission: Free


University Competition Films
Location: Cine Guarani – Gate Cultural (República Argentina, 3430 | Gate)
Time: 3:30 pm
Tel: (41) 3229-4484
Admission: Free


AVEC films

Screening of the films Balada da Cruz Machado (“Ballad of Cruz Machado”, Terence Keller, 2010, 11 min), Cisco (Fábio Allon, 2013, 7’53”), Dia da Neve (“Snow Day”, Adriano Justino, 2010, 20’00 “), Salina ( Bruno Costa, 2012, 05’53 “), A Tímida Luz de Velas das Últimas Esperanças, (“The Timid Candlelight of Dying Hope”, Jackson Antunes Salette and Machado, 2013, 75’00”)

Date: September 29
Time: 3pm
Location: Cinematheque Curitiba (Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 1174 | San Francisco)
Tel: (41) 3321-3310
Admission: Free



International Feature Length Films:

De Jueves a Domingo” (Dominga Sotomayor, Chile/Netherlands, 94 min, 2012)

Éden” (Bruno Safadi, Brazil, 73 min, 2012)

Eles Voltam” (“They Return”, Marcelo Lordello, Brazil, 100 min, 2012)

Kauwboy” (BoudewijnKoole, Netherlands, 81 min, 2012)

Lacrau” (dir: João Vladimiro, Portugal, 99 min, 2012)

Los Mejores Temas” (Nicolás Pereda, México/Canad/Netherlands, 103 min, 2012)

Olho Nu” (Joel Pizzini, Brasil, 101 min, 2012)

Polvo” (Julio Hernández Cordón, Guatemala/Spain/Chile/Germany, 90 min, 2012)

Poslednata Lineika na Sofia” (Ilian Metev, Bulgaria/ Germany /Croatia, 75 min, 2012)

A Feiticeira da Guerra” (Kim Nguyen, Canadá, 90 min, 2012)


Mostra Nacional de Curtas:

Canção para minha Irmã (Pedro Severien, Brazil, 16 min, 2012)

Pátio (Aly Muritiba, Brasil, 17 min, 2013)

A onda traz e o vento leva (Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, 28 min, 2010)

Tremor (Ricardo Alves Junior, Brazil, 15 min, 2013)

Urânio Picuí (Antonio Carrilho, Brazil, 15 min, 2011)



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