Published On: July 5, 2017


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By João Antonio Pagliosa

It’s amazing how personal misunderstandings are causing so much pain and suffering these days, so much misery and loneliness, depression, and sometimes death. The animal man is more distant and more materialistic than other animals, but also more fragile. As a result, people must be very careful when speaking and acting.

Our relationships with those around us, with those with whom we interact, should always be productive, encouraging, and fruitful. Our interactions with others depend a lot on our spirit of love, understanding, and bestowal.

Isolation is never healthy and will never help anyone solve their difficulties. We are all sociable by nature. Why then row against the tide? Everyone, without exception, appreciates and desires happy, high-spirited and emotionally healthy company, and to have life around them. We need to share the good things that happen to us and also talk about the difficulties and problems of our daily lives with the people we trust.

This is very important and should not be forgotten: Men have much more difficulty than women to vent their feelings and anguishes, and this needs to be addressed and corrected. So surround yourself with people of character, people with established principles, and turn to them when you need them because they will build you, encourage you, and make you grow when you feel diminished.



It is interesting to note that the clashes, the brawls between people, in the vast majority of cases are caused by a misunderstanding of what was heard or what was said. Studies show that in only one percent of the cases of fights is there in fact bad intention on the part of one of those involved. According to research in human psychology, what happens is the misinterpretation of words, and this creates a damn mess.

When someone misinterprets another person, he responds roughly and hurts his interlocutor far beyond his intention, and the tranquility and the mood of concord disappear. Next comes the silence. This silence after a disagreement is embarrassing and needs to be eliminated if we really want to live well and be at peace with everyone.

I believe that the best time to discuss an impasse in conversation is in this interval where silence reigns unless the moods are too fierce. The key to resolving the impasse is first to disarm yourself and understand that no one owns the truth. Respect your fellow man and seek to understand his point of view by putting yourself in his place.


holding hands

The most important thing is to always live in a spirit of celebration and joy. Remember that at times when you imagine that you are right in a particular discussion, you may be completely mistaken, particularly in the opinion of the other. The only valid truth is when there is a consensus between both parties.

We need to be friends and confidants with each other. I think we should always forgive others when we realize that another has made a mistake; otherwise our relationships will be greatly impaired. On the other hand, we should move away from people who have a bad influence on us after we knowingly try to change their approach and fail.

Pray for your relationships and pray for reconciliation and peace on all issues that need some solution, because it is the fervent prayer that persuades God to act on our behalf. We are all completely dependent on God. Never hate anyone because everyone who hates his brother is already in darkness. It is necessary to learn not to judge and to despise no one.

friendship-card-4In Matthew 5:23 and 2, it is written that before we offer anything to God we need to reconcile with our brother. In John 13:34 and 35 we read: “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; even as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. “

Observe and meditate on how many wonderful things and how much preciousness has died in our lives. Bring these graces back to your life. It is possible if you strive and struggle to get them back. Believe, have faith, and be very happy. And change your behavior, if necessary, because it is better to be happy than insisting on being right.

With love,
João Antonio Pagliosa

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