Published On: April 1, 2010

Never Before Seen in Brazil: The Shroud of Turin

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The unique display of the linen sheet, supposedly used upon the death of Jesus Christ, known as The Shroud of Turin, was on exhibition at the Palladium Shopping Center. The exhibition features a copy of the Shroud produced in Turin, along with replicas of the scourges, crown of thorns and nails produced in Israel. Additionally, there are life-size holograms of the image produced by the Dutch scientist Petrus Soons, as well as illustrations, info-graphics and panels that explain what each study of the Shroud revealed about it.  Another attraction is the original coins from the time of Pontius Pilate and a bronze statue that shows the position that the Man of the Shroud was in when the image was produced on the cloth.

According to Maria Aparecida de Oliveira, Palladium Shopping Center’s Marketing Manager, it is an honour to receive an exhibition of such importance, as visitors can understand the efforts by dozens of scientists to discover how the image of the “Man of the Shroud” was formed.


For more information on The Shroud visit: or br

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