Published On: March 1, 2010

Local and Imported Specialty Beers in the Municipal Market

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Beers are gaining status in the Brazilian palette. Specialty beers, with their varying aromas and flavors, are increasingly present on bar and restaurant menus throughout the country. Aware of the new culinary trend, the Municipal Market has stores that offer specialty beers made from wheat, matured in oak, with touches of honey, coffee and even chocolate.

In the Armazém da Serra, specialty beers have shared the shelves with the wines for quite some time. Clovis Viana Filho, the owner of the store, has been betting on beer for 8 years. “The investment in beer was meant to set us apart from the rest,” says Viana. In the beginning there were just two brands, Baden Baden and domestic Eisenbahn. Today, the Armazém da Serra has 80 different labels of domestic and imported beers. Viana said two American brands will soon hit the shelves. In the store in the Municipal Market, you can find, for example, the oldest beer in the world, Germany’s Weihenstephaner, or Curitiba’s own Diabólica, handmade in Santa Felicidade. The variety of beers attracts customers like Robson Moser, an architect who lives in the União da Vitória neighborhood and is part of the Brotherhood of Beer. “There is always something new here,” says Moser.

The specialty beers aroused the interest of the student Bruno Miranda, and his girlfriend Lilith Marangon, a graphic designer, who were looking for information and products in the Municipal Market. “We are starting to try different brands and there’s so much variety here,” says Miranda.

With so much diversity in the market, the beers have been increasingly included as an accompaniment to dishes ranging from simple appetizers to high cuisine. This union is one of the specialties of Box Maia, a special place in the Poty Lazarotto food court. Chef Mauro Jourdan created sandwiches to be accompanied by draft and specialty beers. In one of the items offered on the menu, the lamb shank involves beer in the preparation, and is rapidly becoming a customer favorite.

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