Published On: August 30, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery comes to Curitiba

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The Cold Stone Creamery ice cream parlor is the first American franchise in Brazil of the famous American ice cream store. Last week it celebrated its Grand Opening in Curitiba.

The ice cream is classified “Super Premium” by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the special sourcing of its raw materials and can be customized from dozens of ingredients (mix-ins). The mix-ins are chosen by the customer and mixed on a cold granite stone, hence the name Cold Stone. By combining the ingredients with a variety of ice cream flavors – ranging from the traditional chocolate and vanilla cream to more extravagant flavours like cake batter and watermelon sorbet – hundreds of combinations are possible.

If you get lost among the possibilities, so-called “Signatures Creations” will help you get started. These are flavor suggestions that have been tested and approved by a Cold Stone ice cream master. Featured creations include the “Founder’s Favorite Flavors” (vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate fudge, and pecan brownie) and “Berry, Berry, Berry Good” (vanilla ice cream, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries).

The store offers Cold Stone’s own recipes for classic smoothies and milk shakes, like the ones served in other countries. The Brazilian store also offers a Cold Stone coffee menu with a variety of hot drinks, iced coffees, and frozen yogurt.

Cold Stone Creamery

Rua Augusto Stellfeld, 1580
Phone: (41) 3015-0826
Store Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Handicapped Access: Ramp-access is provided.
Home delivery: Not available. Telephone orders can be placed for take-out.
Parking: There is free parking for up to 8 vehicles. Valet parking is not available.

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