Published On: March 1, 2010

The Photographer of Curitiba

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Luiz Bocian is an amateur photographer. Exactly 51 years ago he was given his first camera, an AGFA (of German manufacture) his brother Valdemar had bought him, while in the Suez Canal, serving in a Peace Mission in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Since then, he has not stopped shooting and has made Curitiba his model city. He began his career as a waiter in a television program called “Dining with the Stars,” broadcast live on Channel 12 and recorded on the top floor of the Tijucas building, located in the city center. He affirms that, “like every Brazilian I’ve done everything in life, from shining shoes, to selling popcorn, to selling ice cream.” And it doesn’t end there. He also worked for 20 years in the restaurant business and was a partner in a freight company for 12 years. But his favorite hobby is to photograph Paraná’s capital. The coastal scenery of the state is also featured in his photograph. He’s visited Caiobá, Matinhos, Estrada da Graciosa, Antonina,  and others that attract tourists.

Luiz Bocian (67), amateur photographer

He currently has a website where all his photos are stored and makes them available for all those who want to enjoy his art. His site and subsequent blogs with photos of locations recorded on his camera has received more than 556 thousand visitors. His web pages, have been visited by more than 120 countries, and he is delighted to receive emails from foreigners who have lived in Curitiba, or who have relatives here and want to reminisce about the city.

It should be pointed out that the amateur photographer does not have any sponsors. Currently a 10 megapixel Canon PowerShot camera is his faithful companion. He provides photos to the neighborhood newspapers, real estate, tourism companies and several magazines with circulation in the state of Paraná and other states. For him, shooting Curitiba brings great pleasure and satisfaction. His work is recognized by all the internet users who write on his website thanking him and praising his work. “I’m just an amateur photographer making a hobby out of shooting Curitiba in my spare time,” said Luiz Bocian.

                      To see more of Luiz Bocian’s photos, visit:

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