Published On: November 1, 2009

New Phone App Presented at Paraná Tourism Congress

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A new application for mobile phones was launched in Curitiba on 2nd April.  The “Curta Curit!ba” (Enjoy Curitiba) application was developed by Cinq Technologies Ltda. As part of the “Turismo nas Rotas do Pinhão” (Tourism on the Araucaria Pine Routes) project, a partnership between Sebrae/PR, the Curitiba Convention & Visitors Bureau, Local Productive Arrangement (APL) of Software from Curitiba, the Brazilian Restaurants and Bars Association (Abrasel-PR) and the Curitiba Tourism Institute.

”Curta Curit!ba” offers tourists, in an innovative way, information on attractions in the capital. The application menu provides search facilities for information, pictures, audio and videos on tours, attractions, shopping, hotels, bars and restaurants, agencies, transportation and useful information. The application was designed to be installed on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

The innovation was presented at the 17th Paraná Tourism Congress. In addition to the application, the member companies of the Council for Receptive Tourism revealed about 20 new tour options in Curitiba and the surrounding region to participants in the event.

Marcelo Woellner Pereira, president of Abrasel Parana, believes that the new tool will help boost the state’s economy.  “We are involved in a perpetual search to offer the best to tourists.  The mobile phone application shows that Curitiba is a city out there in front and prepared for tourism,” he said.

The ”Curta Curit!ba” application is available at the Apple Store ( The download link is

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