Published On: March 1, 2010

Guilberto Minguetti is a “Doctor of Paraná” through Devotion

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Dr. Minguetti was a graduate of the Federal University of Parana (UFPR), and on March 18 this year, he received the Award of Honorary Citizenship of Paraná.  When honoured, Dr. Minguetti bared his heart and declared “It’s a great pleasure to receive this honour.  Despite not having had the privilege of being born in Paraná, I have built my life here and consider this state my true home.”

Dr. Minguetti was born in Garça, in the state of São Paulo. In 1966, when he came to study medicine in Curitiba, he established himself in the Hall of Residence for University Students and, in the 3rd year of college, was invited to live and train in the Nossa Senhora da Glória Psychiatric Hospital.

He developed skills in the Neurology field and in 1971 earned his medical degree.  He took the entry exam and was admitted by the Public Health Department of Paraná State to the Adauto Botelho Psychiatric Hospital and later that same year he became assistant professor in the Department of Medical Physiology.

His professional journey did not end there.  In 1973 he was accepted by the University of London’s Institute of Neurology, for Residency and Doctorate in Neurology.  He earned a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and returned to Brazil in 1976, excited about the new Cerebral Computed Tomography technology. Back in Curitiba, in addition to being assistant professor in the Departments of Medical Physiology and Neurology, he also served as assistant professor in the Clinical Hospital.  During his academic period, he had his articles and studies published in science textbooks published both in Brazil and abroad.

He taught in both Masters and Ph.D. courses, received scientific awards and was part of innumerable Brazilian university examining boards.  He has presented symposia, conferences and congresses on neurology and other areas of medicine.

In 1977, together with Marlus Vinicius Costa Ferreira, he realised one of his greatest dreams; the creation of CETAC – Centre for Computed Tomography – and thus made the diagnosis of neurological diseases possible.  He began to attend the population on SUS – the Brazilian national health service, in public and private health plans, civil servants and hospital patients.  He formed an efficient team of employees and developed logistics to receive patients via ambulances, buses, ‘planes, helicopters and trucks, and for effective diagnostic interpretation and implementation of the respective therapies.  Saving lives and minimising the suffering of thousands of patients have definitely always been his main goals.

Today CETAC carries out full-body CT scans and has the equipment for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Its tomography centre produces almost all existing types of images and performs 25,000 scans monthly.  Dr. Minguetti administers three imaging centres, 200 employees and 40 doctors.

Father of five children and grandfather of seven grandchildren, a son of Paraná by choice and now Honorary Citizen of Paraná, he closed his speech with his thanks and left the following message: “It has been said in poetry that the Parana Pine is a huge goblet raised to God as a sign of gratitude, fruitful in its pine-nuts.  And it’s true.  For it is through this greatness that things continue, and that children and grandchildren of those who came from outside are from here. They are children of Paraná.  After all, blessed is this welcoming Land”.

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