Published On: December 1, 2010

Artist Celso Coppio Exhibition

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by Solange Wünsche

If you are fond of painting, the exhibition “Un Tour de Ma Vie” by the painter Celso Coppio is a must see. The opening of the exhibition was on November 25 and it will run until December 20 in the artist’s gallery in Curitiba.

Since his last exhibition in 2004, I have been a fan. So this new show is a long-awaited opening. This exhibition is a result of Coppio’s many journeys around the world. His acrylic on canvas compositions of Santorini, Venice, Manhattan, the Taj Mahal, France, Spain, Africa, etc. are gorgeous. The paintings make us travel in their beauty and light, which Celso creates like only masters of fine arts can.

This very talented and respected artist was born in São Paulo, and after living and working in cities like Barcelona and Rome, where he had an atelier, he chose Curitiba to be his home over 30 years ago. He was very young when he first visited our city in 1973, and liked it so much that he told himself he’d live here some day. Later he was invited to mount an exhibition, which was a huge success, and decided to move here.

He continues traveling and brings the colors and characteristics of different cultures to his paintings. His work can be found in most Brazilian states, and abroad in cities like Milan, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, New York, Seattle and many others.

Celso Coppio started giving clear signs of his talent at an early age: when his parents took him to a circus. He eagerly drew scenes of the circus ring instead of simply enjoying the show like any other kid.

Sculpture was his first artistic expression. He started his studies in São Paulo with one the most famous masters at the time, Tadakyo Sakai, and received his first award at the age of fourteen.

After some years, he directed his talent toward painting by studying drawing with Rosy Carrão and painting with the memorable Spanish master, Salvador Rodrigues Jr.

Though he’s known as a master of “still lifes” here in Curitiba, he has always worked with many different themes such as nudes, landscapes, figures, as well as portraits of personalities of São Paulo and Curitiba society. For his individual exhibitions, besides still lifes, the artist pays tribute to a country or region by painting the impressions of its cities “in loco”, bringing to canvas the atmosphere and light of each place he portrays.

During his career he’s gotten several awards from many exhibitions, and has always moved comfortably in foreign countries, especially Italy, where he had the important mission of portraying scenes of the “Via Lucis”, a series of fourteen works for the Pontificia Universidade Salesiana de Roma.

In 1996 he was invited by an industrialist and art collector of Turin, Italy to paint the house where he was born and spent his childhood in Pavia, near Milan.
On his way back, traveling along Costa Esmeralda, he painted small towns like Camogli, Portovenere and Portofino, fishermen villages —  jewels of the Terrene Sea.

Additionally, Coppio has exhibited work that brought us the monumental temples of Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco; the splendor of Spain with its peculiar architecture; the most beautiful islands of Greece; and from Russia the magnificent Moscow, and the romantic St. Petersburg. When in the Czech Republic, he captured the magic of Prague, and in Hungary he portrayed the architectural exuberance of Budapest.

1998 was the year of Asia for Celso Coppio with paintings of exotic countries like Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. He seized on the celebration of Japanese immigration as a theme for one of the most complete of his exhibitions, in a magical and enchanting environment.

In 1999, he celebrated thirty years of his career by going to India, traveling throughout the region of Rajasthan and appreciating its colors, and found inspiration in many cities. He also crossed the Himalayas seeking spirituality in the exotic countries of Tibet and Nepal.

Celso has never worried about following current fashions and styles. He always tries to create spontaneously, seeking inspiration in nature.

In 2000, his public could see the carnival of Venice in his paintings, which were presented in a party with the luxurious Venetian atmosphere. Celso had a dream come true in 2001 — to visit the Sahara Desert. He reached the Sahara through Tunisia, where he got in touch with nomads, Berbers, and troglodytes, and had one of the greatest experiences of his life: to sleep in the desert. The atmosphere he captured on this journey resulted in 29 paintings for another outstanding exhibition, which brought to the gardens of his gallery some customs and traditions of an ancient civilization.

In November of 2002, another individual exhibition revealed the North of Spain, from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela, which was the title of the exhibition, and illustrated the theme of pilgrimage. It ended up being part of a personal project he had been longing for.

Celso mounted one of his most spiritual exhibitions in 2004. Baroque art was present in each picture bringing the idyllic atmosphere of sacred art to the impeccable event in which the artist celebrated 35 years of his career.

In 2005, Coppio became an honorary citizen of Curitiba in a ceremony held at the City Council. Nowadays, Celso Coppio continues working and teaching in his school and gallery where there’s a permanent exposition of his exceptional work.

Celso Coppio Gallery
Av. Cândido Hartmann, 111 – Batel Soho

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