Beans are a Carnival


By Eva P. Bueno Dear Readers: The votes are in, and it is a tie. Even though at first an overwhelming majority wanted to learn how to cook the “coc au vin” recipe, soon enough there was a counter movement from the group opting for the mussel soup, who cast their vote and tied the election. Because I do not want to offend any of the two camps, More...

Published 7 years ago
On August 14, 2012
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A Marriage Frosted with Love

Great creations come out of bakery kitchens all over the world every day, but it’s rare to find a creation as perfect as André and Alvina Boldori, two Brazilians who met while living in London and have married More...

On May 5, 2012

Famous French Chef Comes to Curitiba

  Michelin-starred French chef Alain Burnel will come to Curitiba next week to cook dinner on three separate evenings at the Restaurant Durski. The menus with wine pairings will be especially prepared by More...

Basket almonds
On June 1, 2011

Winter Recipes for our Readers

During winter, try these traditional Brazilian recipes, typical of our Festa Junina (June parties), a Catholic celebration of Saints John, Paul and Anthony. Quentão (Portuguese for “big heat”) will definitely More...

On July 1, 2010
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The History of Coffee

By Raul Hiromu Sumiya Regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, latte, macchiato: If you like at least one of these beverages, you appreciate coffee itself. To understand where this delight came from, we have More...

On September 1, 2009

How to Make a Lasagna With a Virginian Taste

Ingredients White Sauce: 9 tablespoons butter or margarine 9 tablespoons flour 3 ½ liters (approx 1 gallon) salt, black pepper and nutmeg to taste Lasagna: 1 package lasagna “Isabela Direto ao Forno” (500g/18oz)1 More...

On July 1, 2009
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Italian-Style Eggplant

        Ingredients 2 large eggplants unpeeled and cut into 2cm-thick slices; salt to taste. SAUCE: 1 tablespoon olive oil; 1 onion diced; 2 finely chopped garlic cloves; salt to taste; 1 can More...