International Forum in Curitiba


Danny Nelms – CEO of The Working Institute and author of The Why Factor and a leading specialist in Workforce Intelligence Research, HR management, and executive training for major multinational companies in HR, health care, manufacturing, logistics and IT industries will lead an International Forum next month in three separate locations in Paraná. International More...

Published 7 years ago
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On October 3, 2012

Get Rid of your Bad Leaders

 By Stephanie A. Parson Four behaviors distinguish bad leaders from average or well-regarded leaders: 1. They are bad at managing their emotional and social behavior. Compared to better managers, they don’t More...

On September 21, 2012

Think About It

  “I think therefore I am.”   —  Rene Descartes Have you been nurturing your big dreams? How often have you thought of them and how you will accomplish them? Do you share these dreams with someone? More...

On September 8, 2012

How to Improve Your Business Acumen

By Stephanie A. Parson Business acumen is the ability to understand and act with the heart of your business in mind at all times. It is having the mindset that no matter your role in the business, you play a More...

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On August 9, 2012

Branding Your Internal Customer Service

  By Stephanie A. Parson “Be loose and have fun. Bake phenomenal bread. Run fast to help customers. Create strong and exciting bakeries. And give generously to others.” To satisfy your internal customers, More...

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On July 4, 2012

Are you a Teaser or a Pleaser?

By Dr. Finn Majlergaard To put it another way: Are you a Leader or a Manager? If you have doubts about whether you are one or the other, or if you believe there is no difference, this article is for you. As there More...

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On June 13, 2012

Personal Purpose

By Peter Roman PURPOSE: “The desire to do what we do in service to something greater than ourselves.” Imagine there is a select group of companies in the world that are loved– literally loved and More...

On April 18, 2012

Code to Joy

    Our American friend, John Mann, has co-authored a book on happiness. The book describes the struggles of many Americans to be happy and the obstacles that prevent happiness in a stressful culture that More...

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On February 7, 2012

Anxiety and Hope

  By B. Michael Rubin I am an American, which means by definition I am anxious. Twenty percent of Americans suffer from chronic anxiety. There have been thousands of books written about anxiety and its causes More...

On January 26, 2012
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Change Isn’t Easy

By B. Michael Rubin Is Brazil ready for the 21st century? Big changes are coming from every direction – from the country’s first female president, to Brazil becoming one of the world’s largest oil More...