Censorship in Brazil Defeated by Supreme Court


Brazil’s Supreme Court has voted to reverse a 2003 law that allowed people with books written about them to prevent the books from being published. A national publisher’s association, Anel, helped bring the case to the Supreme Court. Anel’s lawyers questioned the constitutionality of the law. Under the wide-ranging and controversial More...

Published 3 years ago
Sergio Moro
On June 2, 2015
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Judge Sérgio Moro of Curitiba is not Intimidated

With so much attention from the Petrobras scandal focused on PT, the ruling party, Brazilians are wondering how far the investigation will go in probing the kickback and bribery schemes. In a country full of corruption More...

On June 1, 2015

Brazil’s Congressmen Hard at Work

Video of Brazil’s legislature caught Deputy João Rodrigues and other congressman enjoying pornography and racy modeling photos. At the time of the incident, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies was in full session More...

On May 4, 2015

Lula in the News Again but for Wrong Reasons

Brazil’s federal prosecutors have opened a preliminary inquiry into former president Lula for illicit influence peddling in Cuba, among other countries. The prosecutors’ inquiry is a preliminary step to decide More...

On April 9, 2015


In 2011, Jair Bolsonaro, a legislator with the conservative Progressive Party, said that it had never occurred to him that his sons would be gay because they had a “good education” by a present father. “So More...

On April 8, 2015

The Beginning of the End

Tourists and even expatriates can get the wrong impression of a country. However, in the case of Brazil, these impressions are accurate – warm beaches, all-night parties, friendly people. Naturally, no country More...

On April 8, 2015

Crime can be Fought

Nine out of every 10 murders in Brazil are not investigated, Gary Stahl, the Unicef representative in Brazil says. Given a statistic like that, “It is very difficult to implement good public policies to solve More...

On February 27, 2015

Truck Drivers’ Protest Yields Government Concessions

In a meeting held between the government, companies, and workers at the Ministry of Transportation, it was decided that diesel prices will not rise in the next six months, representing a huge victory for Brazil’s More...

Eike Batista
On February 20, 2015
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The End of Impunity?

   A federal investigation into a kickback scheme at Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, has, so far, ensnared 30 executives. In São Paulo, prosecutors accuse 33 businessmen of running a “cartel” More...

On January 18, 2015

Victory for Native Brazilians

Tribes across Brazil have secured a historic nationwide victory by preventing Congress from seizing control over the future of their lands. A proposal to change the constitution and give Congress power in the More...