Refugees Flee Syria for Brazil

Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Makeshift Camps In Jordan

More than a year before Pope Francis urged Europe’s Catholics to take in Syrian refugees, a priest in Brazil inspired the support of his parishioners to ease the suffering of those fleeing unimaginable horror. More than 30 Syrians – almost all Muslims – have found a new safe home in Brazil thanks to the efforts of Father Alex Coelho and More...

Published 2 years ago
On September 3, 2015
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Billionaires in Handcuffs in Curitiba

Three former top executives of Camargo Corrêa, one of Brazil’s largest construction firms, were sentenced to prison by Judge Sérgio Moro for crimes committed in connection with the corruption scandal centered More...

On September 2, 2015

McDonald’s Faces Accusations of Employee Mistreatment

McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s biggest fast-food chain, was accused of mistreating its employees and avoiding taxes during a Senate hearing in Brazil last week. At the hearing, politicians, union More...

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On July 31, 2015

New Regulations to Reduce Caesarian Births

New regulations aimed at decreasing Brazil’s obsession with Caesarian births took effect this month, with the government hoping it can alter the country’s image as a leader in this operation. Some hospitals More...

Pasquale Scotti
On June 30, 2015

Italian Mafia Fugitive Arrested in Brazil

After 31 years of freedom, one of Italy’s most feared criminals has been arrested on a quiet street in Recife. In a cooperative effort involving Interpol and Brazil’s federal police, Pasquale Scotti was More...

Brasília- DF- Brasil- 07/04/2015-  O juiz federal Sérgio Moro participa de apresentação de um conjunto de medidas contra a impunidade e pela efetividade da Justiça, na sede Associação dos Juízes Federais do Brasil (Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência Brasil)
On June 29, 2015

How the Mighty are Falling to the Judge

When Sérgio Moro, the federal judge from Curitiba, ordered the detention of two prominent top executives on June 19, he said he was acting to protect Brazil’s economy. Moro said he was trying to stop the More...

On June 22, 2015

Odebrecht vs Curitiba’s Prosecutors: An End to the Culture of Impunity

While football is often the topic of conversation in Brazil, the reality is people are welcoming an opportunity not to talk about the Petrobras scandal, which has dominated the news for months. However, all the More...

On June 13, 2015

Censorship in Brazil Defeated by Supreme Court

Brazil’s Supreme Court has voted to reverse a 2003 law that allowed people with books written about them to prevent the books from being published. A national publisher’s association, Anel, helped bring More...

Sergio Moro
On June 2, 2015

Judge Sérgio Moro of Curitiba is not Intimidated

With so much attention from the Petrobras scandal focused on PT, the ruling party, Brazilians are wondering how far the investigation will go in probing the kickback and bribery schemes. In a country full of corruption More...

On June 1, 2015

Brazil’s Congressmen Hard at Work

Video of Brazil’s legislature caught Deputy João Rodrigues and other congressman enjoying pornography and racy modeling photos. At the time of the incident, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies was in full session More...