Taxi Alternatives Grow Rapidly

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Taxi service alternatives like Uber are becoming popular all over the world. In some cities like Curitiba, mayors are under pressure from the taxi drivers’ union to find a way to keep their customers out of Uber vehicles. However, with an estimated 500 million rides in Brazil since it arrived, Uber shows no signs of going away. Recently, the More...

Published 5 months ago
On November 14, 2017

Blind Ballerinas in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil is home to the world’s only professional ballet company for the blind. The ballet company is operated by the Fernanda Bianchini Association, a non-profit organization. The organization More...

Brasília- DF 04-08-2016   Juiz Sergio Moro na comissão especial de combate a corrupção. Foto Lula Marques/Agência PT
On October 4, 2017

Sérgio Moro Lauded

Judge Sérgio Moro was presented with the Notre Dame Award at a ceremony on October 2 in São Paulo. The Award was presented by the University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins. Judge Moro was cited More...

On December 28, 2016

Brazil’s Brave Cardinal

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, whose advocacy of human rights placed him in opposition to Brazil’s military dictatorship, died on Wednesday, December 21, in São Paulo. He was 95 years old. “Where human More...

On December 14, 2016

Volvo Launches World’s Largest Bus

Volvo has launched its newest vehicles, two buses that will add to Volvo’s high-passenger capacity transport system. Volvo introduced its two new buses at the FetransRio transportation conference, which was More...

On October 31, 2016

Curitiba Elects New Mayor

Rafael Greca will be the new mayor of Curitiba, having been elected in a surprising election on Sunday, October 30. The surprise comes from a 15-point margin of victory by Greca over his opponent, Ney Leprevost. More...

On March 21, 2016

The Clash of the Century

If this sounds like a superhero battle, Batman vs. Superman, don’t be surprised. Brazil has just weathered its most tumultuous week in politics since the return of democracy in the 1980s. The battle rages More...

Sao Paulo 2
On February 22, 2016

Zika Zero

The tragic increase of microcephaly cases in Brazil, currently linked to the Zika virus, some people are convinced, is the creation of a British biotech company called Oxitech, which has been releasing genetically More...

Sarah Campos & Juliana Santos
On February 15, 2016
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Children Learn Farming

In São Paulo, a group of sixth graders is busy at work. They are in school but not at their desks. Instead, they have seeds, soil, and gardening tools. They are preparing soil for planting. This digging is going More...

On January 17, 2016

The Brazilian Way

The bus system in Curitiba is famous for being the first Rede Integrada de Transporte (RIT) system in Brazil, and it’s still considered the best in the country, with approximately one third of Curitibanos More...