The Joys of English


Leonardo Silva Brito is from Rondônia and grew-up with a deep love of reading. His parents, both teachers, made bedtime story time so enticing that by the age of six, he was reading to his mom. He read all the books he could get his hands on. And while his parents fostered his enthusiasm at home, his teachers did the same at the public school he attended. One More...

Published 1 month ago
On February 25, 2017

Brazil’s Richest Man

For those who study the financial history of Brazil, it would be logical to conclude that the easiest way to get rich here is through corruption. The biggest corruption scandal to date, Lava Jato, has already produced More...

On February 14, 2017

Blind Ballerinas in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil is home to the world’s only professional ballet company for the blind. The ballet company is operated by the Fernanda Bianchini Association, a non-profit organization. The organization More...

On February 1, 2017

The Secrets of Native Tea

Last October Rio Branco, the capital of the state of Acre, hosted the Second World Ayahuasca Conference. Experts from 40 different countries discussed the shamanic drink of indigenous origins. Psychologists and More...

On December 28, 2016

Brazil’s Brave Cardinal

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, whose advocacy of human rights placed him in opposition to Brazil’s military dictatorship, died on Wednesday, December 21, in São Paulo. He was 95 years old. “Where human More...

On November 12, 2016

Trump Triumphs – How Did It Happen?

On Wednesday morning, November 9, The New York Times headline in double-sized print read “Trump Triumphs.” Brazil and the rest of the world woke up to an unbelievable catastrophe. The loud-mouthed presidential More...

On August 21, 2016

The End and the Beginning

“When I was young,” a grandmother says, “life was much easier.” How many times have we heard this proclamation? To paraphrase Charles Dickens: “It was the worst of times and it was the worst of times.” These More...

Young Brazilian women who have moved to New York to work as au pairs
On May 11, 2016

Exodus from Brazil

Every year is filled with hopes and plans for the future. For Brazilians, the forecast is not great, at least economically speaking. Economists are predicting 2016 will see Brazil’s economy again in recession, More...

On August 14, 2012
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A Marriage Frosted with Love

Great creations come out of bakery kitchens all over the world every day, but it’s rare to find a creation as perfect as André and Alvina Boldori, two Brazilians who met while living in London and have married More...

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On August 9, 2012

Branding Your Internal Customer Service

  By Stephanie A. Parson “Be loose and have fun. Bake phenomenal bread. Run fast to help customers. Create strong and exciting bakeries. And give generously to others.” To satisfy your internal customers, More...