Why Beans are so Expensive


It’s no surprise that the economy of China has become a concern to Curitibanos. After all, China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. When the Chinese economy is strong, Brazil benefits; or now, when the Chinese economy is slowing, Brazil suffers. What comes as a surprise is learning that the lives of Chinese pigs have a direct effect on More...

Published 2 years ago
On July 5, 2016

Can Brazilians Afford to Retire?

An exploding pension crisis here in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, is wreaking havoc on its public finances and intensifying a struggle over the economy’s future. Brazilians retire at an average More...

On June 22, 2016

A Time for Optimism?

Neymar, Brazil’s star footballer, is enjoying the Copa América tournament at the Rose Bowl stadium in California from the box seats. He’s not playing, but instead is on vacation and renting a mansion More...

On June 21, 2016

Land Rover Factory Opens

Jaguar Land Rover opened a new factory near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on June 14. The manufacturing plant is its first fully-owned facility outside of the UK. The automaker joins rivals such as Volkswagen and General More...

On May 18, 2016

Economic Questions for 2016

Brazil’s economy sunk into recession in 2015, and while 2016 may be a bit better, the recession isn’t going away anytime soon. Brazilians are struggling amid a slowed economy that has led to rising More...

On October 20, 2015
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Brazilians are Angry

In 1969, when the British rock band The Who titled a song “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” an entire generation of young people knew exactly what that meant. It was an anthem of social revolution. Across Western More...

On October 10, 2015

It’s Hard Keeping Up with the News

Every day seems to bring another surprise. We check the news in the evening, but by the next day, everything has changed. Institutions that were once steadfast and solid are falling apart. FIFA The top three men More...

Brazil v Croatia: Group A - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
On August 28, 2015
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Brazil: Too Big to Fail

Protestors in Brazil are certain of one thing – they want better government. International economic experts agree, but now they are most concerned about the country’s stability. Political upheaval fosters More...

On August 26, 2015

Dilma vs. Cunha: Behind the Scenes

It’s been an unusually warm August in Curitiba. People are asking if it’s global warming, or a reflection of the heated atmosphere of high-profile arrests that’s forcing powerful men into federal More...

On July 27, 2015

Lula is Getting Nervous

Federal prosecutors in Brazil announced on Thursday, July 16, that they were opening a full investigation into former president Lula. The announcement came from the special anti-corruption unit of the Public Ministry, More...