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It’s too early to tell what fate awaits the US and Brazil in the aftermath of the US presidential election last week. No one will dispute that having Donald Trump leading the world’s largest economy is going to affect the entire world. For now, all that we know is Trump is considering some very poor choices for his Cabinet, such as Texas More...

Published 5 months ago
On November 18, 2015

Curitiba Artist Helps Women

A tattoo artist from Curitiba is helping victims of domestic violence. Flavia Carvalho offers her artistry without a fee, covering up scars with beautiful works of body art. Flavia calls her project, A Pele da More...

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On September 26, 2015

Brazil’s Biographers

Litercultura is a literary and cultural festival that took place in Curitiba in August. CIE attended a presentation by historians Lilia Schwarcz and Heloísa Starling. Both authors are well-respected scholars in More...

men vs. women
On July 28, 2015

Men vs. Women

By B. Michael Rubin Common sense and biology tell us men and women need to be together. Without couples, there would be no children. The continuation of the human species depends on it. As the rock star Jim Morrison More...

Ana appearing in a TV advertisement with a male model
On July 8, 2015

Rewards for Honesty in Brazil

Ana dos Santos Cruz, 23, was a single mother from Barretos, a small city in São Paulo state, struggling to raise her 3-year-old son. Since September of 2014, Ana had been raising her son Mauricio alone after the More...

Gisele breastfeeding
On March 27, 2015

Brazilian Study Proves Importance of Breastfeeding

Here’s good news for Gisele Bündchen’s children: Researchers in Brazil have followed nearly 6,000 babies from birth for the past three decades, enabling scientists for the first time to get an idea More...

Marina and Dilma meet at their first TV debate
On September 19, 2014

Presidential Women in Brazil

By B. Michael Rubin With the presidential election only two weeks away, debate on the streets has reached fever pitch. This year’s election has defied all earlier predictions when it took a sharp detour on More...

On November 26, 2013
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Brazil Family Life Changes

Adriana de Rezende Fereira accepts that her husband will never separate light clothes and dark clothes when he does the laundry. He turns on the washing machine, and that’s more than most Brazilian women can More...

On September 18, 2013
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Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil

   By Eva P. Bueno Elizabeth Bishop was one of America’s best known poets. She was the Poet Laureate of the United States, as well as the winner of a Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. In 1951, More...

On July 8, 2013

The Triumph of Brazil’s Women

  By B. Michael Rubin No one, not even the organizers of the Free Fare Movement, are certain why so many Brazilians took to the streets. Clearly, there are numerous issues of concern for all Brazilians, concerns More...