International Whaling Commission


Nations on both sides of the whale hunting debate met last week at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Florianopolis. The IWC, set up in 1946, meets every two years. Among those countries in favor of whale hunting, the strongest voice came from Japan. The IWC chairman is from Japan, Joji Morishita, who stated the meeting would determine the More...

Published 8 months ago
Crowd Brazil
On September 5, 2018

Brazil’s Population Problem is the Decrease

Brazil’s population reached the level of 208.4 million inhabitants this year, according to IBGE (Brazilian Economic & Geographical Institute). The population total was calculated by IBGE as of August More...

The Santo Antônio dam on the Madeira River. Credit: Brazil’s Growth Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento)
On January 5, 2018
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Government Suspends Mega-Dams

In a surprise move, the Brazilian government has announced that the era of building big hydroelectric dams in the Amazon basin, long criticized by environmentalists and indigenous groups, is ending. “We are not More...

Pedra do Baú
On April 6, 2017

Time for a Hike

Brazil is well-known for Carnival, football, and the Amazon, but many people are not aware of the hiking and climbing here. The Brazilian Mountain Hiking and Climbing Confederation (CBME) was created to negotiate More...

On March 21, 2017

Latin America’s Largest Primate Sanctuary

Far away from their days in the circus, some 50 chimpanzees live together in Sorocaba, a city in the interior of São Paulo state. A primate settlement was founded here 20 years ago and today, thanks to the efforts More...

On March 20, 2017

New Weapon in the Fight Against Illegal Logging

Brazil’s federal environmental agency, Ibama, launched this month the latest attack in its meagre arsenal of weapons to protect the environment. Ibama has created a centralized database to track timber More...

On December 7, 2016

Riverboat Justice

The court clerk rose from his hammock onboard the riverboat in Itamatatuba, Brazil. The town sits at the mouth of the mighty Amazon River, just across the wide delta from Belém, where the Amazon ends its journey, More...

On October 20, 2016

Language of the Amazon

In the 1950s and 1960s, Brazil created the Xingu Indigenous Park, a roughly 2.64 million-hectare preserve that contains the Wauja tribe, among other tribes. The park is a green oasis surrounded by cleared land More...

On October 11, 2016

Elephant Sanctuary in Brazil

A group of international NGOs has announced it is opening the first elephant sanctuary in Latin America. The facility is located on a 1100-hectare farm (2700 acres) in the state of Mato Grosso. The sanctuary will More...

On May 11, 2016

Nuclear Bomb Survivors in Brazil

Seventy years ago, in August 1945, the United States used atomic weapons against Japan. On August 6 and August 9 a bomb fell on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is the only time atomic weapons have ever More...