The Vanity of Ambition


  By B. Michael Rubin Brazilians are famous for their vanity. Let’s forget for the moment the North American view of vanity as egotistical because I live in Brazil, and I delight in this gorgeous country where kissing women when meeting them for the first time is considered polite. Where women spend hours trying to look their best, so that in More...

Published 4 years ago
On January 7, 2015
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Happiness is Elusive in US

Everyone wants to be happy. Some people succeed at this endeavor with ease. Others seem to be happy but hide dark secrets they never reveal, such as Robin Williams. The US believes so strongly in happiness that More...

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On December 1, 2014

Brazilian Dreams of the US

  With the presidential election in Brazil over, Brazilians and the rest of the world await what the next four years of a PT government will bring. While half the country hopes things will remain as they are, the More...

On November 4, 2014

US and Brazil Elections

November 4 Americans went to the polls for midterm election voting, so-called because it occurs in the middle of every President’s 4-year term. While President Obama has two more years to complete his second More...

On November 2, 2014

Delayed Adolescence in Brazil

Brazilian children grow up within the safety and comfort of their family’s protection. As adults, they know they can always rely on a family member in an emergency. Placing family ahead of all others provides More...

On October 16, 2014

Brazil Election Unexplained

With the announcement on Sunday, October 12, that Marina Silva, who placed third in the presidential election earlier in the month and is therefore out of the running in the final election, will back Aécio Neves, More...

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On September 24, 2014

Dying Traditions in Brazil

Every country around the world is steeped in tradition, those formal and informal customs that knit together the fabric of society. Some traditions, like feijoada in Brazil, go back hundreds of years; while some More...

On July 29, 2014

Boys in Brazil

 By B. Michael Rubin The role of the family in Brazil cannot be overstated. Devotion to one’s family takes precedence over all other interests and pursuits, even football. The family as the foundation of More...

On June 30, 2014

Get Well

  By Terry Caesar Recently after I finished a bout of minor surgery, a friend sent me a greeting card. Firmly within the “get well” genre, the card features an image of a dog — a wrench in either hand More...

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On June 27, 2014

In Brazil No One is a Stranger

By B. Michael Rubin Brazilians know far more about the US than Americans know about Brazil. Some Americans take the time to learn more about the largest country in Latin America, generally by reading a travel guidebook More...