Time for a Hike

Pedra do Baú

Brazil is well-known for Carnival, football, and the Amazon, but many people are not aware of the hiking and climbing here. The Brazilian Mountain Hiking and Climbing Confederation (CBME) was created to negotiate better access conditions for climbers and hikers as well as promoting mountain conservation in the state and national parks in Brazil. The More...

Published 4 months ago
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On March 28, 2017

Need for Accurate News

A group of Brazilian journalists and researchers have joined to create an avenue to credibility for journalism. The appropriately titled “Credibility Project” is a partnership between the Institute for the More...

On March 26, 2017

Brazil Returns to Normalcy, Sort Of

The awe and majesty of the Rio 2016 Olympic games are fading, and Brazilians are returning to their everyday routines. However, these days it’s impossible to call life in Brazil routine. The country has changed. Certainly More...

On March 21, 2017

Latin America’s Largest Primate Sanctuary

Far away from their days in the circus, some 50 chimpanzees live together in Sorocaba, a city in the interior of São Paulo state. A primate settlement was founded here 20 years ago and today, thanks to the efforts More...

On March 20, 2017

New Weapon in the Fight Against Illegal Logging

Brazil’s federal environmental agency, Ibama, launched this month the latest attack in its meagre arsenal of weapons to protect the environment. Ibama has created a centralized database to track timber More...

Women take part in a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Chicago
On March 9, 2017

International Women’s Day

All across the globe people were celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8. Everywhere from Brasília to the Philippines, women rallied behind various banners expressing their freedom, anger, and hopes More...

On February 25, 2017

Brazil’s Richest Man

For those who study the financial history of Brazil, it would be logical to conclude that the easiest way to get rich here is through corruption. The biggest corruption scandal to date, Lava Jato, has already produced More...

On December 7, 2016

Riverboat Justice

The court clerk rose from his hammock onboard the riverboat in Itamatatuba, Brazil. The town sits at the mouth of the mighty Amazon River, just across the wide delta from Belém, where the Amazon ends its journey, More...

On December 2, 2016

When Blimps Ruled the Air

A dirigible balloon is a lighter-than-air floating airship, also known as a blimp. Balloons filled with hot air large enough to carry humans have been around since the 1600s. However, no blimp has ever been as More...

On November 18, 2016
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Politics Everywhere

It’s too early to tell what fate awaits the US and Brazil in the aftermath of the US presidential election last week. No one will dispute that having Donald Trump leading the world’s largest economy More...