Outer Space Indoors


To reach investors and the notice of the public, tech startup projects must be radical, different. A co-working company in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has adopted that concept literally and created a space that is out of this world. At the company, UFO Space, in the city of Canoas, a suburb of Porto Alegre, the idea of the infinite freedom of outer More...

Published 2 months ago
Milky Way
On July 5, 2018

Astronomer Makes History

Astronomer Denilso Camargo, from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense’s Military College in Porto Alegre, has made a remarkable discovery. After combing through data gathered by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey More...

Fernando Henrique Cardoso
On May 19, 2018
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Order and Progress

In the book “The Accidental President,” a memoir by Brazil’s former president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, there is a story about one of Brazil’s many mysteries. At least it’s always been a More...

On April 25, 2018

Who’s Next: The Race for President

While PT followers continue to congregate in Curitiba to show their support for the imprisoned former President, the eyes of the world are focused on the looming question – who’s next? The most strident More...

On April 1, 2018

When Blimps Ruled the Air

A dirigible balloon is a lighter-than-air floating airship, also known as a blimp. Balloons filled with hot air large enough to carry humans have been around since the 1600s. However, no blimp has ever been as More...

On March 31, 2018

Technology Fights Crime

Two years ago, when entrepreneur Federico Vega launched a startup offering Uberlike services for the freight industry, the trucking business in Brazil was in the midst of a wave of cargo theft. Across Brazil, but More...

On March 22, 2018

Brazil Enters Space Industry

US companies eager to tap into the fast-growing market for low-cost satellite launches could become the first customers when Brazil’s Alcântara space center in the state of Maranhão opens as a commercial More...

The Santo Antônio dam on the Madeira River. Credit: Brazil’s Growth Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento)
On January 5, 2018
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Government Suspends Mega-Dams

In a surprise move, the Brazilian government has announced that the era of building big hydroelectric dams in the Amazon basin, long criticized by environmentalists and indigenous groups, is ending. “We are not More...

On November 18, 2017

Supreme Court Fights Corruption

It would be difficult these days to find anyone who isn’t tired of corruption in Brazil. While it is every individual’s responsibility to be honest, there is a steadfast ethical standard in all countries More...

On October 1, 2017

Free Training from Facebook

This week Facebook launched its first innovation center in the world. Based in São Paulo, Facebook’s center, known as Estação Hack, was created with the mission of fostering local talent by providing free More...