“The Wild Party” Comes to Rio

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By Roberto Muggiati A mounting fever of musicals has taken hold of the Brazilian stage over the last couple of years. Hotspot of the new craze, Rio de Janeiro has so far seen all kinds of productions – from biographies of MPB legends to straight Broadway hits (The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof); from anthologies of Carnival marches and bossa More...

Published 4 years ago
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On March 23, 2015

Pianos are Blooming in Rio

By Roberto Muggiati I have written before: in Rio de Janeiro you are bound to bump with music at every street corner. Two recent projects have brought the piano to the forefront in the city: at the Espaço Tom More...

On December 4, 2014
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Facial Hair Comes to Curitiba

  By B. Michael Rubin Men’s appearances, like women’s, are subject to the whims of fashion. Styles fluctuate with the winds of whimsy. The length of women’s skirts, for example, vary from season More...

On November 8, 2014

Gullane Filmes

Brazil’s entertainment industry is the envy of Latin America, boasting eight years of box office growth. Movies produced in Brazil accounted for 18.6 percent of the total film market in Brazil last year, More...

On October 14, 2014

Brazil Writers Featured

Since the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the Brazilian National LIbrary upgraded their incentive program for internationalizing their literature in 2011, we’ve seen Brazil be the guest of honor at the Frankfurt, More...

On September 1, 2014

Ballet in the São Paulo Favelas

In a favela surrounded by luxury, high-rise apartment buildings, 8-year-old Gabriela Aparecida fixes her curly hair into a bun as she waits for a ride to her favorite activity: ballet. The skinny girl leaves her More...

On August 28, 2014

Cultural Festival in Brazil

  The MIMO cultural festival will be presenting some of the finest international and Brazilian world music and jazz acts in several Brazilian cities in the coming months. The shows will take place in the cities More...

On August 28, 2014

When Santos Goes Marchin’ In

   By Roberto Muggiati When Andrea Ernest Dias invited me for a panel on the Moacir Santos Festival 2014, I had only a slight knowledge of the man and his music. Moacir left Brazil in 1967 and lived in Pasadena, More...

Karen & Karina (Photo: Diego Bresani for the Observer)
On July 29, 2014

Black Models in Brazil

Karen and Karina Ferreira, identical twins, are models from Brasília. They insist that the capital is one of the best places to live in the world. “I feel calm, secure, and peaceful here,” says Karina. More...

Glauco Sölter
On July 1, 2014

Glauco Sölter

Earlier this year, Glauco Sölter, one of the members of the instrumental group NaTocaia, gave a performance at Caixa Cultural Theatre in Curitiba, alongside Ron Carter, one of the most famous jazz bass players More...