Framed Life


by Marc Breyer The book of photographs was on her bed as usual, and it was open on the third page. The yellowed pictures, their edges dog-eared and already worn out, had once been carefully stuck and laid out on a page that had been very white. There, among other photographs, were those from one of the days her grandpa had taken her for a walk near More...

Published 9 years ago
On October 1, 2009

City Council Library Holds Historic Collection

Many people do not know that the Municipal City Council of Curitiba has a library with a valuable collection. In the library you can find everything from the law that emancipated Paraná from São Paulo to the More...

On August 1, 2009

As The Trumpets Announce a New Season

As the trumpets announce a new season Yellow mixtures to the blue of the skies The green flourishes all and about the hearts And streets of our city witness the passers by Like guardians they watch and hope That More...