Brazilian Slave Memoir Translated into Portuguese

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Mahommah Baquaqua’s story of being kidnapped in Africa and sold into slavery in Brazil in 1845 isn’t unique. However, eventually, he escaped to freedom in New York, and his story is the only known account of its kind – an in-depth, firsthand written account of slavery in Brazil. Amazingly, Baquaqua’s story is being published in More...

Published 3 years ago
On December 9, 2015

World Book Day Celebrated

In a big city like São Paulo, where the daily commute to work can mean a few hours waiting at bus stations or riding the subway, reading on public transportation is a common habit. In honor of World Book Day, More...

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On October 31, 2015
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Democracy, Literature and Freedom

By Gustavo Dalaqua If we check a dictionary, we’ll find that the definition of freedom is essentially negative: to be free and not to be a prisoner, not to live in captivity, not to be subject to coercion, More...

Frankfurt Book Fair
On October 9, 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair Welcomes Brazil

  For those Brazilians who love books and Germany, now is the time to jump on a plane to Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book and media fair in the world with approximately 7500 exhibitors from More...

On April 15, 2013

Evolution “Began” in Brazil

By B. Michael Rubin The theories on evolution and natural selection began with Charles Darwin, who made public his groundbreaking ideas in a book entitled On the Origin of Species, which was first published in More...

On September 26, 2012
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On the Road

By B. Michael Rubin   Like Brazilians, Americans have a deeply rooted commitment to automobiles. For as long as cars have been around, both countries have been fascinated by the combustion engine and its ability More...

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On February 1, 2012

The Other Side of Holland Park

  By Marc Breyer Christopher walked down Kensington High Street, turned right into Melbury Road and crossed over Holland Park; then he got to Holland Walk and finally arrived in Ladbroke Grove, along which he More...

On March 1, 2010

The Wisdom in a Typewriter

If there is a connection between cleanliness and public affection, it is being played out every day in Brazil. Here people continually exhibit their passion for both modern habits. They shower twice a day and brush More...

On March 1, 2010

International Storyteller Visits Curitiba

On March 1, renowned American storyteller Marc Levitt visited the International School of Curitiba. In his role as consultant, educator, and storyteller, Levitt gave workshops for teachers, parents and students More...

On February 1, 2010

What Does Shakespeare Have To Do With Sustainability?

By Juliana Lopes Solitaire Townsend left the stage to found Futerra, the pioneering British consultancy in communication for sustainability. “The time is out of joint: O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set More...