What Happened to Leisure?


By B. Michael Rubin When asked to conjure an image of Brazil, most foreigners think — leisure. It’s a life of wide, sandy beaches, and family gatherings where relaxation takes precedence. However, all of this is changing now. Brazil is embracing consumerism. There’s a new age dawning, and the signs are unmistakable. Brazil’s More...

Published 1 year ago
On April 13, 2017

Cruise in Twelve Knots

CIE’s Culture correspondent, Terry Caesar, recently returned from his first cruise ship adventure, which took him from his current home in Texas across the Gulf of Mexico. As we expected, a retired professor’s More...

On April 12, 2017

Paul Desmond’s Unfinished Autobiography

By Roberto Muggiati Alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, who was known for his wry sense of humor musically, conversationally, and expositorily, had, according to a number of sources, intended to write an autobiography More...

scott maxixe
On January 25, 2017

Scott Fitzgerald and the Maxixe Age

By Roberto Muggiati F. Scott Fitzgerald was the chronicler of the Jazz Age, masterfully described in his ten-page essay published in 1931, Echoes of the Jazz Age. But he also cherished a strong interest in maxixe, More...

Coffee harvest
On March 21, 2016

Brazilian Slave Memoir Translated into Portuguese

Mahommah Baquaqua’s story of being kidnapped in Africa and sold into slavery in Brazil in 1845 isn’t unique. However, eventually, he escaped to freedom in New York, and his story is the only known account More...

On January 25, 2016

Vinyl Record Albums in Brazil

So many people are buying vinyl record albums these days that Wikipedia now has an entry entitled “Vinyl Revival.” Vinyl records were first challenged by the invention of the cassette tape and Walkman, followed More...

On December 9, 2015

World Book Day Celebrated

In a big city like São Paulo, where the daily commute to work can mean a few hours waiting at bus stations or riding the subway, reading on public transportation is a common habit. In honor of World Book Day, More...

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On October 31, 2015
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Democracy, Literature and Freedom

By Gustavo Dalaqua If we check a dictionary, we’ll find that the definition of freedom is essentially negative: to be free and not to be a prisoner, not to live in captivity, not to be subject to coercion, More...

Joa o_Bosco_e_o_Jazz_-_Savassi_Festival_-_ Pablo_Bernardo_(3) X
On August 7, 2015

A Beautiful Horizon for Jazz in 2015

By Roberto Muggiati  Never mind the Crisis: 2015 has been a great year for jazz festivals in Brasil, I can assure you: I have written in Curitiba in English about my wanderings at Jurerê Jazz, Santa Catarina, More...

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On June 15, 2015

Jurerê Jazz Joys

By Roberto Muggiati Jurerê is a strip of fancy houses by the sea on the northern tip of the island of Florianópolis. Its size and shape are more or less the same as Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, and Jurerê is just More...