Poland Unbound


  CIE’s travel correspondent, Clifford Hallam, has traveled extensively around the world, along with living in a number of different countries. He describes his two-year residence in Poland working as a visiting university professor. Łódż is Poland’s third largest city, located about 135 kilometers from Warsaw, the capital. Oddly enough, More...

Published 5 years ago
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On October 22, 2014

Brazil’s Hidden Treasures

Stalagmites and stalactites are common calcium salt formations in caves. But have you ever heard of helictites? Needles of gypsum? Aragonitas? Bolas? All of these underground formations can be found around the More...

Gladstone with initials
On October 9, 2014

The Gladstone Connection

Professor Clifford Hallam, an American writer and friend of CIE, has returned from yet another trip abroad. Cliff has traveled extensively around the globe along with living in a number of foreign countries. We More...

Espaço Cultural
On September 3, 2014

Curitiba: Tourist Destination

As many tourists have discovered, Curitiba is a vibrant city full of welcoming attractions and steeped in history. A walk around the old city center, known as the historic district, reveals narrow lanes full of More...

Fans from Colombia await Brazil's Quarterfinal match
On July 8, 2014
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Warm Welcome at World Cup

The World Cup is in full bloom, and there’s no way to avoid the excitement. Of course for Brazilians, the excitement continues as long as Brazil wins. Similarly, foreign fans are out in full cheering force, More...

Students studying
On April 10, 2014

Brazil Teaches English

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the first Olympic Games to be held in South America. Brazil is targeting about one million people to receive Olympic language training. Aside from the Olympics, Brazil is also hosting More...

Rio de Janeiro
On December 18, 2013

Brazilian Tourism Sets Record

For the first time in Brazil’s history, six million tourists entered the country in one calendar year. The historic event took place this month and was greeted with much fanfare by the Brazilian tourism industry, More...

On November 25, 2013

Brazilian Tourists Are Spending Abroad

Brazilians have never spent as much money abroad as they did last month, according to results released Friday, November 22, by the Brazilian Central Bank. According to the monetary authority, Brazilian tourists More...

On September 20, 2013

Tourism Growing in Brazil

    The number of foreign tourists visiting Brazil in August was up 5.5 percent from August 2012 to 346,141. The rate of growth was higher than the global average during the same period, which was 5 percent. More...

Our room at the Kismet Hotel
On May 7, 2013

Faruk’s Dream

With the Brazilian soap opera Salve Jorge over, it’s time to think about a visit to Turkey. If the sordid aspects of urban Istanbul portrayed in Salve Jorge were not to your liking, I suggest a visit instead More...