Still on Top


“My career was never based on pretty,” Gisele Caroline Bündchen declares, with no hint of irony or sarcasm. This year Gisele turned 37 years old, and despite her recent insistence on retiring from the runway, her image is still present everywhere. At 1.8m tall (5′ 9”), Gisele is not particularly tall for her profession, yet she has managed More...

Published 2 years ago
On March 12, 2016
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Brazilian Owns All the Music

In an office near the back of his 2500-square-meter warehouse in São Paulo, Zero Freitas is studying the song list of an old album. While his close examination of the record makes him look like a professor, Freitas More...

On March 3, 2016

The Last Emperor

With Brazil in the first weeks of an interim president, people are talking politics everywhere – on line at the bank, in the steam room at the gym. However, rarely does the subject of Brazil’s early history More...

On February 29, 2016

The Rolling Stones Storm Brazil

The legendary British rock band the Rolling Stones was challenged by harsh rain during their concert in São Paulo on Wednesday, February 24, where they returned after 18 years to electrify their fans at Morumbi More...

Kobra mural in São Paulo
On January 4, 2016

Brazilian Artist Honors Bob Dylan

A team of six artists, led by Brazilian Eduardo Kobra, are painting a mural portrait of Bob Dylan that will be 60 feet high (20 meters) and 150 feet wide (50 meters). The painting will fill an entire side of a More...

On October 3, 2015

Murderer as Prison Warden

Antônio Galdino da Silva Neto has a unique story. First, he was a police officer. Then he became a convicted murderer. Finally, today, he is a prison warden. Antônio spent five years in the police force in the More...

On July 3, 2015
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Emperors and Coronels

These days it’s impossible to read the news without bumping into another horrendous story about Petrobras or FIFA. Is there a link between the two? “In Latin America, the FIFA scandal sheds light on a system More...

On January 11, 2015

Cesarean Birth Epidemic

  Brazil has unveiled new rules aimed at stemming the nation’s “epidemic of cesareans” and promoting natural births among private health care providers. It is believed that the epidemic is due More...

On December 24, 2014

Will the Sun Rise in Cuba?

Every day the sun rises in the east, and we awaken and prepare for a day that isn’t significantly different than yesterday. However once in a while, a new perspective opens – suddenly and without warning More...

On December 10, 2014

Mass Weddings in Rio de Janeiro

Nearly 2,000 Brazilian couples were married at an indoors sports venue in Rio de Janeiro, in the biggest mass wedding in the city’s history. The annual event, promoted by the local authorities, is aimed at More...