Curitiba Coffee

Agua Branca

Brazil is famous for its coffee. The country is by far the world’s largest coffee producer and has been for the past 150 years. Brazil is responsible for producing a third of all the coffee in the world. However, many young Curitiba coffee lovers don’t realize that at one time, in the early 1960s, the state of Paraná was the biggest coffee More...

Published 3 years ago
On August 30, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery comes to Curitiba

The Cold Stone Creamery ice cream parlor is the first American franchise in Brazil of the famous American ice cream store. Last week it celebrated its Grand Opening in Curitiba. The ice cream is classified “Super More...

On August 14, 2012
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A Marriage Frosted with Love

Great creations come out of bakery kitchens all over the world every day, but it’s rare to find a creation as perfect as André and Alvina Boldori, two Brazilians who met while living in London and have married More...

On April 1, 2011

Teffé Street: Curitiba’s First Footwear Neighborhood

By Sílvia Oliveira Photo by Raul Mattar It is almost a tourist attraction. However, it goes unnoticed by many who come to visit the state capital or even by those who live here. Teffé Street is a shopping street More...

On October 1, 2010

Paço Coffee Shop: Music, Art and Aroma

By Silvia Oliveira I have never been able to enter the select religion of wines.  In fact, I have a palate that is far from being adequate for any gourmet tasting.  My verdicts are, generally, either “I like More...

On May 1, 2010

Largo da Ordem Street Fair

By Silvia Oliveira I first came to Curitiba ten years ago.  Since then I have been to Spain doing my master’s and doctorate degrees.  I came back here and stayed.  I have spent more than 500 weekends in More...

On March 1, 2010

Local and Imported Specialty Beers in the Municipal Market

Beers are gaining status in the Brazilian palette. Specialty beers, with their varying aromas and flavors, are increasingly present on bar and restaurant menus throughout the country. Aware of the new culinary More...

On February 1, 2010

Wines for all Tastes and Budgets at the Municipal Market

Take a brand more than 500 years old and whose first importer (and also Brazil’s discoverer) was Pedro Alvares Cabral. Or a non-alcoholic Spanish sparkling wine, suitable for drivers and children’s parties, More...