The King of Rio de Janeiro


For 22 years, Márcio Mizael Matolias has avoided high rents in an upscale district of Rio de Janeiro by living in a sand castle. Instead of going for one of the luxury apartments that line the streets of the pricey beach area, he’s opted for the cunning approach of building his own apartment made of sand on the beach of Barra da Tijuca. His More...

Published 4 weeks ago
The Santo Antônio dam on the Madeira River. Credit: Brazil’s Growth Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento)
On January 5, 2018
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Government Suspends Mega-Dams

In a surprise move, the Brazilian government has announced that the era of building big hydroelectric dams in the Amazon basin, long criticized by environmentalists and indigenous groups, is ending. “We are not More...

On November 26, 2017

Supreme Court Fights Corruption

It would be difficult these days to find anyone who isn’t tired of corruption in Brazil. While it is every individual’s responsibility to be honest, there is a steadfast ethical standard in all countries More...

On June 8, 2017

What Happened to Leisure?

When asked to conjure an image of Brazil, most foreigners think — leisure. It’s a life of wide, sandy beaches, and family gatherings where relaxation takes precedence. However, all of this is changing More...

On September 25, 2012

Looking Ahead

  By B. Michael Rubin Everyone from politicians to farmers believes the infrastructure in Brazil needs improvement. Whether it’s roads and bridges or the airports, it could use enhancement. The good news More...

On September 18, 2012


By B. Michael Rubin In Franz Kafka’s story, Metamorphosis, the hero of the story, Gregor Samsa, wakes up on an otherwise uneventful morning to discover he has turned into a bug. The story, first published More...

London Olympics Volleyball Women
On August 16, 2012

Gold, Again!

 It was a volleyball weekend. No one can remember the last time Brazil won four medals in the final weekend of the Olympics. In volleyball, beach volleyball, and soccer, Brazil collected one gold and three silver More...

On July 13, 2012

New York Welcomes Brazilian Tourism

 For those Brazilians planning a trip to New York in July or August, you will be happy to know that New York is prepared for your visit. Thanks to the weak American economy, and a stable Brazilian currency, the More...

On May 15, 2012
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When She Smiles

By B. Michael Rubin There are two ways to arrive at a destination. When traveling from point A to point B, you can choose a straight line, the most direct and time-saving route; or you can choose a circuitous route, More...

On May 4, 2012

Election Time

 By Eva P. Bueno Those of us Brazilians born dangerously around the middle of the 20th century can still recall a time when — at least in the interior of Paraná — municipal and state elections were a special More...