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Curitiba in English aims to showcase the city of Curitiba to the world, while helping foreigners find their way around the city, understand its customs, and become integrated into the community.



Nelson G. Santos

Dear Visitor,

We are delighted you could visit our site and we hope to be useful to you.

Curitiba has become an important cultural center in Brazil. We welcome the opportunity to host people from all over the world and embrace them with well-known Brazilian hospitality.

The hope of Curitiba in English is to act as a link, not only to contribute to highlighting the city’s scenery, people, products, and investments but also to illuminate its position and business projects for the international market. For example, the Industrial Park has created many new business opportunities.

We are prepared for the many challenges ahead that will hopefully bring progress and enrich our quality of life. Curitiba’s urban planning has become a model for the world. The city’s parks show the respect and commitment our community devotes to the environment, and we are proud of our progress in the arena of sustainability.

Why does Curitiba need an English-language website? It goes without saying that English has become the easiest way to communicate in the world. Everyone is now conscious that mastering the English language renders the best employment opportunities. And last, but not least, most tourists who come to Curitiba communicate in English. I feel comfortable saying that a command of the English language will facilitate sharper and more precise thinking, not to mention friendship with our  international neighbors.


Nelson G. Santos
Founder, Curitiba in English


Who We Are:

  • We have a passion for Curitiba;
  • We are a website written entirely in English, following the trend of the world’s leading cities providing information in English;
  • We celebrate Curitiba and highlight its international reputation for creating initiatives in sustainability, public spaces, recycling and public transportation;
  • We use language appropriate for foreign businessmen from the various multinationals located in the city as well as residents, tourists and students;
  • We encourage the learning of the English language, which is indispensable in the corporate world;
  • We offer advice and entertainment for those who are fluent in English.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide
    • Business opportunities for international agents and brokers
    • Public service information and guidance for tourists
    • Information on local personalities and professional services
    • Events, cultural attractions, restaurants and hotels in the city
    • Opportunities for cultural development
  • Facilitate the integration of expatriates and tourists
  • Provoke clear, quick and friendly interaction with international contacts
  • Highlight local industry’s businesses, products, and services
  • Cultivate the ability to communicate in a foreign language
  • Promote Curitiba on an international stage

Our Audience:

  • Those who read or study the language and, through journalism, perceive opportunities for both personal and professional growth
  • International entrepreneurs
  • Foreigners who live in Curitiba and the surrounding area
  • Businesses offering services to foreigners
  • Educational institutions and English students
  • Import/Export companies
  • Agencies offering international services
  • Travel agencies
  • Self-employed professionals in the international market
  • Educational groups offering international cultural exchange programs
  • International business brokers


  • Alexander Burbello – Technology
  • Raul Hiromu Sumiya – Technology
  • Silvia Oliveira – Tourism
  • Roberto Muggiati -Music
  • Álvaro André Zeini Cruz – Film
  • Michael Rubin – Essays
  • Maryori Vivas – Cultural Intelligence
  • Dr. Stephanie Parson – Personal Development
  • Carlos Eduardo A. Guimarães  – Personal Finance
  • Luiza Moura – English Exercises
  • James Bruce Bell – Translations


  • Founder and Publisher:  Nelson Gonçalves dos Santos
  • Staff Journalist: Claudia Queiroz
  • Translator:  Alan M. Jones (British English)
  • Translator: John Punchard
  • Marketing: Araken de Azambuja Vilanova
  • Web Maintenance: Alexander Burbello and Raul Hiromu Sumiya
  • Editor in Chief: Michael Rubin


Contact Us

Main: meetup@curitibainenglish.com.br

Marketing: marketing@curitibainenglish.com.br

Publisher:  Nelson G. dos Santos 


Telephone: +55 (41) 3077-0475