Judge Sérgio Moro of Curitiba

Judge Sérgio Moro

With so much attention from the Petrobras scandal focused on PT, the ruling party, Brazilians are wondering how far the investigation will go in probing the kickback and bribery schemes. In a country full of corruption at high levels of government, it is still rare for a ‘white-collar’ criminal to go to prison. At the moment, it appears the Petrobras case could become the biggest political corruption scandal in Brazil’s history. Before now, that honor was held by the Mensalão More...

The Brazilian Way


The bus system in Curitiba is famous for being the first Rede Integrada de Transporte (RIT) system in Brazil, and it’s still considered the best in the country, with approximately More...

Curitiba First for the Future

Curitiba bus

Autonomous vehicles, levitating trains, and supersonic tubes have all been suggested as radical ways to transport us faster as the 21st century urban age approaches, but it More...

Chinese Electric Buses Coming


BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has announced that the city of Campinas, in the São Paulo region of Brazil, has been selected as the More...

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Brazil’s Hidden Treasures

Stalagmites and stalactites are common calcium salt formations in caves. But have you ever heard of helictites? Needles of gypsum? Aragonitas? Bolas? All of these underground More...

Curitiba: Tourist Destination

As many tourists have discovered, Curitiba is a vibrant city full of welcoming attractions and steeped in history. A walk around the old city center, known as the historic district, More...

Rugby Teaches Tolerance in Brazil


Chester Williams, South Africa’s first black rugby star, is teaching rugby to about 50 teenagers from a São Paulo favela. More...

Football History in Favela


Pelé recently took part in the inauguration of a football facility that features a lighting system partly powered More...

moda-internet Technology Users are Different

Everyone knows that technology use is booming in Brazil – from home computers and the Internet to smartphones. One American company recently decided More...

aliexpress_fb_ogp Chinese E-Commerce Website Dominates Brazil

Chinese Internet companies are attaching more importance on having a presence in Latin America’s biggest economy. AliExpress, part of China’s More...

YouTube logos YouTube Space Opens in Brazil

Google will open its first video production center in Brazil this month. The purpose of the production studio is to provide new content creators with More...

Brazil Acts to Protect Amazon

1280px-Amazon_CIAT_(3)   Brazil announced it is placing a massive section of the Amazon under federal protection. The...

Amazon Observatory

Brazil is building a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon to monitor climate change and its impact on..

Technology Defeats Illegal Logging in the Amazon

Secret GPS surveillance of timber trucks by environmentalists has revealed how loggers are defeating attempts to halt deforestation in the world’s..

Optimism for Brazil’s Economy

gisele-bundchen-max-factor Optimism over the Brazilian economy has been in short supply recently, so when a corporation fights...

Eike Batista in Court

Less than three years after President Dilma Rousseff dubbed Eike Batista “the pride of Brazil,” prosecutors will try to send the..

Al Gore in Brazil

Former US Vice President Al Gore was in Brazil last week, speaking at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training session in..

University Graduation Numbers Fall

Full length of young men and women holding cellphone

The number of students completing higher education in Brazil, university bachelor’s degrees, has fallen for the first time in a decade, figures More...

Brazil and US to develop anti-Ebola serum


  Brazil’s Butanta Institute scientific research center is negotiating an agreement with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop More...


Cruise in Twelve Knots

CIE’s Cultural Intelligence correspondent, Terry Caesar, recently returned from his first cruise ship adventure, which took him from his current More...


Delayed Adolescence in Brazil

By B. Michael Rubin Brazilian children grow up within the safety and comfort of their family’s protection. As adults, they know they can always More...


Milk Bank: Brazil Leads World

Relatively rare in much of the world, donating breast milk is common in Brazil, where the network of milk banks works in much the same way as blood banks More...

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