Presidential Election in Brazil

iPresidential candidate Silva of the PSB speaks during a ceremony to launch her campaign platform in Sao Paulo

With the presidential election less than one month away, debate on the streets has reached fever pitch. This year’s election has defied all earlier predictions when it took a sharp detour on August 13 with the death of one of the three major candidates, Eduardo Campos, who was replaced by his vice-presidential choice, Marina Silva. In addition to the unexpected loss of one candidate, the debate volume has been turned up thanks to two other factors. First, the campaign in Brazil only lasts More...

Chinese Electric Buses Coming


BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has announced that the city of Campinas, in the São Paulo region of Brazil, has been selected as the home More...

Brazil has First Battery-Powered Bus in World


  The first battery-powered bus in the world has begun working its route in the São Paulo suburb of Diadema, where the passengers it has transported are getting to know and More...

Metro in Curitiba is Coming

Virtual model of the metro working with the buses  (Source:

   Improving Brazil’s infrastructure is often listed as one of the most critical issues hindering Brazil’s progress in the 21st century. Critics of Brazil – More...

Espaço Cultural

Curitiba: Tourist Destination

As many tourists have discovered, Curitiba is a vibrant city full of welcoming attractions and steeped in history. A walk around the old city center, known as the historic district, More...

Brazil Teaches English

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the first Olympic Games to be held in South America. Brazil is targeting about one million people to receive Olympic language training. Aside More...

Americans Ponder Football


By B. Michael Rubin It’s difficult for Americans to understand how important football is in Brazil. The US has never More...

The End of the World (Cup)


  With the 2014 World Cup behind us, there’s one thing we can conclude with certainty – a lot of experts More...

dengue-fever Hopes for Dengue Fever Vaccine

  The results of advanced trials for a promising vaccine have bolstered hopes that it could one day protect people from a crippling and widespread disease. Dengue More...

Vale-dos-Ventos-wind-farm-in-Paraiba-Brazil-pacific-hydro Solar Energy Auction in Brazil

The upcoming national renewable energy auction in Brazil is attracting enormous attention from alternative energy businesses. Brazil’s Energy Research More...

the-world-of-cybercrime-is-becoming-increasingly-dominated-by_16001213_800941061_0_0_14082810_300 Boletos Users Beware

Security researchers have uncovered what they believe is a significant cyber-crime operation in Brazil that took aim at U$3.75 billion in transactions More...

Fund to Protect Rainforest

brown-throated-three-toed-sloth In a historic move, the Brazilian government, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and a few other...

Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil

In a major forward stride for sustainable agriculture, Brazil has enacted legislation that includes soil remineralization as part of its agricultural..

Garbage Becomes Art in Brazil

Brazil is ranked as a world leader when it comes to aluminum can recycling, though for its catadores—the independent pickers who..

Brazil Leads World in Reducing Carbon Emissions

ecuador-to-sell-a-third-of-its-amazon-rainforest-to-chinese-oil-companies   Brazil’s success in slowing rain forest destruction has resulted in enormous reductions in carbon emissions...

World Leaders in Brazil

At a meeting in Brazil this week, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa announced that they are..

Boeing Opens First Research Center in Latin America

The Boeing Company, an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures aircraft and satellites, has opened an advanced research and technology..

Women Scientists in Brazil Win Award


  The 2014 CAPES-Elsevier Awards were presented at the Hotel Copacabana Palace in Rio recently. Elsevier, in partnership with the Brazilian Federal Agency More...

Canadian Gold Mine Project Halted by Brazilian Court

Volta Grande

A federal court has revoked Canadian miner Belo Sun Mining’s license for the Volta Grande project, which would have become Brazil’s largest More...


Get Well

  By Terry Caesar Recently after I finished a bout of minor surgery, a friend sent me a greeting card. Firmly within the “get well” genre, the More...


Ballet in the Favelas

In a favela surrounded by luxury, high-rise apartment buildings, 8-year-old Gabriela Aparecida fixes her curly hair into a bun as she waits for a ride More...


Brazilians Can Save Lives

Brazil is a dangerous country. Brazilians know to be careful not to leave cellphones on a table in public or sling a purse over the back of a chair. Even More...

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