A Model Doctor


An extremely tall, slim blond with green eyes walks with long strides through the corridors of the Carapicuíba Hospital emergency clinic in São Paulo. The blond intern enters office number two, where she examines under the supervision of a resident and a doctor, patients like Caroline, who is suspected of having thrombosis in the right leg. After the consultation, Caroline notes, “It was an excellent treatment. The intern touched me and examined me correctly. Many doctors are scared to touch More...

Taxi Alternatives Grow Rapidly

femitaxi (1)

Taxi service alternatives like Uber are becoming popular all over the world. In some cities like Curitiba, mayors are under pressure from the taxi drivers’ union to find More...

Volvo Launches World’s Largest Bus


Volvo has launched its newest vehicles, two buses that will add to Volvo’s high-passenger capacity transport system. Volvo introduced its two new buses at the FetransRio More...

The Brazilian Way


The bus system in Curitiba is famous for being the first Rede Integrada de Transporte (RIT) system in Brazil, and it’s still considered the best in the country, with approximately More...

Ship length

The Genius of a Cruise Ship

Imagine you manage a hotel, and one day 4,000 guests arrive at the same time. They all want rooms now, and if you could show them how to operate the safe in the room that would More...

Open Skies: Cheaper Flights to the US

This week Brazil’s Congress approved the Open Skies treaty between Brazil and the United States that clears the way for a partnership between American Airlines and LATAM More...

Marta’s Message


Marta, the six-time world’s female football player of the year, became the first woman to leave her footprints on the More...

Neymar Jr. Institute


A Summer Games for children held its opening ceremony at the Neymar Jr. Institute, founded by the star who led More...

3343 Brazil Has World’s Best Building

Children Village, a school complex on the edge of the rainforest in northern Brazil, has won the RIBA International Prize for the world’s best new building. Children More...

Movin_UFO-09 Outer Space Indoors

To reach investors and the notice of the public, tech startup projects must be radical, different. A co-working company in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, More...

Milky Way Astronomer Makes History

Astronomer Denilso Camargo, from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense’s Military College in Porto Alegre, has made a remarkable discovery. After combing More...

International Whaling Commission

flying Nations on both sides of the whale hunting debate met last week at the International Whaling...

Brazil’s Population Problem is the Decrease

Brazil’s population reached the level of 208.4 million inhabitants this year, according to IBGE (Brazilian Economic & Geographical Institute). The population..

Government Suspends Mega-Dams

In a surprise move, the Brazilian government has announced that the era of building big hydroelectric dams in the Amazon basin,..

Order and Progress

Fernando Henrique Cardoso In the book “The Accidental President,” a memoir by Brazil’s former president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, there...

U.S. Amazon Isn’t a River

While the word Amazon conjures images here of the jungle region in northern Brazil along with the mighty river, the second..

Venezuelans Flee to Brazil

In Pacaraima, Brazil, on the border with Venezuela, hundreds of refugees turn up each day, many arriving penniless and hungry as..

Need for Accurate News

blank sheet in a typewriter

A group of Brazilian journalists and researchers have joined to create an avenue to credibility for journalism. The appropriately titled “Credibility More...

Brazilian Collects History


A Brazilian boy’s passion for collecting documents that began almost 50 years ago has blossomed into a collection of 100 thousand autographs, manuscripts, More...


Independence Here and There

By Nathalia Vargas Any teenager or young adult will be vehement in saying they seek independence. I remember my closed-bedroom-door-while-listening-to-Blink-182 More...


What Happened to Leisure?

By B. Michael Rubin When asked to conjure an image of Brazil, most foreigners think — leisure. It’s a life of wide, sandy beaches, and family More...


Still on Top

“My career was never based on pretty,” Gisele Caroline Bündchen declares, with no hint of irony or sarcasm. This year Gisele turned 37 years old, More...

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