The End of the World (Cup)


With the 2014 World Cup behind us, there’s one thing we can conclude with certainty – a lot of experts were wrong. The 2010 World Cup champions, Spain, never reached the second round, and the expected champions, Brazil, walked away with a disappointing fourth place after failing to score against Holland in the last game. There were 209 national teams that started their quest for the World Cup; only 32 arrived in Brazil in June. We will never know for sure what happened to Spain and Brazil, More...

Brazil has First Battery-Powered Bus in World


  The first battery-powered bus in the world has begun working its route in the São Paulo suburb of Diadema, where the passengers it has transported are getting to know and More...

Metro in Curitiba is Coming

Virtual model of the metro working with the buses  (Source:

   Improving Brazil’s infrastructure is often listed as one of the most critical issues hindering Brazil’s progress in the 21st century. Critics of Brazil – More...

New Urban Mobility Model

Artist's rendering of the new ferry design

World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 visitors will be able to sail between venues on a fleet of seven new 2000-seat ferry catamarans designed specifically for Brazil’s upcoming More...


Tourists Find Warm Welcome at World Cup

With the World Cup in full bloom, there is no way to avoid the excitement. Of course for Brazilians, the excitement continues as long as Brazil wins. Similarly, foreign fans are More...

Brazil Teaches English

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the first Olympic Games to be held in South America. Brazil is targeting about one million people to receive Olympic language training. Aside More...

Brazil Scares Itself


    Until its quarterfinals match with Brazil, Colombia looked like a worthy contender. Even Brazilian fans said Colombia More...

Chile Scares Brazil

Cesar_Luiz post victory

It may not have been a jogo bonito, but when it comes to on-the-edge excitement, it doesn’t get any better More...

NAO-Hanover RoboCup 2014 Comes To Brazil, of Course

From July 19-25, Brazil will be hosting the latest football tournament. While not sponsored by FIFA, it nevertheless is attracting a good deal of attention. More...

the-world-of-cybercrime-is-becoming-increasingly-dominated-by_16001213_800941061_0_0_14082810_300 Boletos Users Beware

Security researchers have uncovered what they believe is a significant cyber-crime operation in Brazil that took aim at U$3.75 billion in transactions More...

girl computer Free MBA in Brazil

  Ever since the invention of the computer, educators have been looking for ways to use digital technology to help educate the world. In the past More...

Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil

forest In a major forward stride for sustainable agriculture, Brazil has enacted legislation that includes soil remineralization...

Environmentalists Praise Beef Producers in Brazil

The three biggest beef producers in Brazil have taken one more step towards ending the cattle sector’s involvement in deforestation in..

Brazil Acts to Save Indian Tribe from Loggers

The Brazilian government this week will begin evicting non-Indians from the tribal reserve of the Awá. It has been over ten..

Boeing Opens First Research Center in Latin America

boeing The Boeing Company, an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures aircraft and satellites, has opened...

Politicians Continue Corruption

The president of Brazil’s Senate, Renan Calheiros, will repay the cost of using an Air Force jet for a trip during..

Investing in Brazilian Fraud

Did you ever imagine you could make money legally by investing in fraud? Most people who are fortunate enough to accumulate..

Scholarships for Foreigners to Study in Brazil


The Brazilian federal government program Ciência Sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) is offering Special Visiting Researcher (PVE) scholarships More...

First Crash Test Center in Latin America


  Brazil is launching Latin America’s first government-run auto crash test center for what experts say will be a critical improvement in car More...

brazilian females

In Brazil No One is a Stranger

 By B. Michael Rubin Brazilians know far more about the US than Americans know about Brazil. Some Americans take the time to learn more about the largest More...


Get Well

  By Terry Caesar Recently after I finished a bout of minor surgery, a friend sent me a greeting card. Firmly within the “get well” genre, the More...



No one can deny that football is central to Brazil’s national identity. No matter what your opinion is of Brazil’s hosting the World Cup, More...

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