Will Brazil’s Economy Wake Up?

Activists demonstrate in front of riot police outside the Mane Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia

While the media coverage of the close presidential election this week has stressed the 50/50 split in the presidential vote between the North and South, this is not surprising news to Brazilians. This socio-political split is not new and not likely to be altered in the near future. Changing the geographic demographics of Brazil would be as difficult as asking residents of Rio de Janeiro to alter their distinct carioca accents. Rather, come January 1, re-elected President Dilma Rousseff and her PT More...

The Brazilian Way


The bus system in Curitiba is famous for being the first Rede Integrada de Transporte (RIT) system in Brazil, and it’s still considered the best in the country, with approximately More...

Curitiba First for the Future

Curitiba bus

Autonomous vehicles, levitating trains, and supersonic tubes have all been suggested as radical ways to transport us faster as the 21st century urban age approaches, but it More...

Chinese Electric Buses Coming


BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has announced that the city of Campinas, in the São Paulo region of Brazil, has been selected as the More...


Cruise in Twelve Knots

CIE’s Cultural Intelligence correspondent, Terry Caesar, recently returned from his first cruise ship adventure, which took him from his current home in Texas across the More...

Curitiba: Tourist Destination

As many tourists have discovered, Curitiba is a vibrant city full of welcoming attractions and steeped in history. A walk around the old city center, known as the historic district, More...

Football History in Favela


Pelé recently took part in the inauguration of a football facility that features a lighting system partly powered by the More...

Americans Ponder Football


It’s difficult for Americans to understand how important football is in Brazil. The US has never gotten More...

cellphones Smartphone App Identifies Dirty Politicians in Brazil

With Brazil’s presidential elections coming this week, citizens are beginning to use new computer software apps as tools to express their opinions. The More...

dengue-fever Hopes for Dengue Fever Vaccine

  The results of advanced trials for a promising vaccine have bolstered hopes that it could one day protect people from a crippling and widespread disease. Dengue More...

Vale-dos-Ventos-wind-farm-in-Paraiba-Brazil-pacific-hydro Solar Energy Auction in Brazil

The upcoming national renewable energy auction in Brazil is attracting enormous attention from alternative energy businesses. Brazil’s Energy Research More...

Technology Defeats Illegal Logging in the Amazon

mahogany_big Secret GPS surveillance of timber trucks by environmentalists has revealed how loggers are defeating attempts to...

Nature Reserve Saves Golden Lion Tamarin from Extinction

An environmental reserve in Brazil has prevented the extinction of the Golden Lion Tamarin, one of the most endangered species of..

Deforestation and Tribal Killings

The destruction of Brazil’s rainforest, the world’s largest rainforest, accelerated last year with a 29 percent increase in deforestation, according to..

Key to a Global Economy

bridge-collapse The nations of Latin America need to more than double their current investment in infrastructure to...

Brazil’s Illegal Economy

More than U$400 billion (900 billion reais) flowed illegally out of Brazil between 1960 and 2012, according to a report published..

Brazil Leads World in Reducing Carbon Emissions

  Brazil’s success in slowing rain forest destruction has resulted in enormous reductions in carbon emissions and shows that it’s possible..

Brazilian Exchange Students Criticized


The University of Southampton in England has complained about the lack of dedication from Brazilian students in the Science Without Borders Program (Ciência More...

Milk Bank: Brazil Leads World


Relatively rare in much of the world, donating breast milk is common in Brazil, where the network of milk banks works in much the same way as blood banks More...

Girls on mobile phones

Dying Traditions in Brazil

By B. Michael Rubin Every country around the world is steeped in tradition, those formal and informal customs that knit together the fabric of society. More...


Brazil Writers Featured

Since the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the Brazilian National LIbrary upgraded their incentive program for internationalizing their literature in More...


Brazil’s Most Powerful Women

Recently, the international women’s online magazine Business Feminin selected the five most powerful women in Brazil: Gisele Bundchen For seven More...

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